UK to trial 'highly protected marine areas' in win for ocean campaigners
More than 97% of British offshore marine protected areas (MPAs), designed to safeguard habitats and biodiversity, are being dredged and bottom trawled, according to data published by the Guardian. 1
The Blue Marine Foundation said the pilot risks glossing over the "currently lamentable" system of MPAs around the UK. 1Nearly 40% of the country's territorial waters are covered by MPAs. 1
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Why Kenya is trying to count every single animal
In the span of the pandemic, Kenya has seen a baby boom of over 200 elephants, or "Covid gifts" as Balala calls them. 1
We need to rethink and remodel our way of doing things so that we can survive until tourism rebounces," he tells CNN. 1
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Birmingham wins City Open Division title; Westchester's Ed Azzam to retire
Sharpshooter is the best way to describe 6-foot-3 senior David Elliott of Lake Balboa Birmingham. Any time and any where, he's prepared to shoot, and when the ball is going in, the Patriots don't lose.
Chris Hogan Left Lacrosse. A League Has Given Him, and Others, a Path Back.
The former N.F.L. wide receiver has joined the Premier Lacrosse League, where pros in other sports have found opportunities on the field.
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