Afghanistan: second Ministry of Defence email data breach emerges
A second data breach by the Ministry of Defence in the space of a few days that could compromise the safety of Afghans has emerged.
Keir Starmer's '10 principles' for power leave out left-wing campaign pledges
Keir Starmer has unveiled "10 key principles" behind his pitch for power, but omitted many of the left-wing pledges that helped win him the Labour leadership.
Greece hosts 6 female Afghan lawmakers on their way to US
ATHENS, Greece - Six female lawmakers from Afghanistan have arrived in Greece as part of the wider evacuation effort and are expected to travel to the United States after a short stay, authorities said Wednesday.
Is China stepping up its ambition to supplant US as top superpower?
t may have been an inelegantly, even ineptly, executed pivot, gratuitously alienating key allies, but by leaving Afghanistan and forming the Australian, US and UK security pact in the Indo-Pacific, Joe Biden has at least cleared the decks to focus on his great foreign policy challenge - the systemic rivalry with China.
Nearly 1 in 4 hospitals treating Covid in Afghanistan have shut down, the W.H.O. warns.
Nearly one-quarter of the hospitals treating Covid-19 in Afghanistan have closed in recent weeks, and the country's efforts to respond to the pandemic have declined, World Health Organization officials said Wednesday.
Some Afghan refugees to be housed in UK hotels for months
Some of the 7,000 Afghan refugees who are currently being housed in hotels are likely still to be in emergency hotel accommodation by the end of the year, the head civil servant in the Home Office indicated under questioning from MPs.
North Korea's Missile Tests Aren't Surprising. Biden Has Been Fueling Tensions.
While North Korea's recent missile tests should not come as a surprise to anyone who follows the country's ongoing conflict with the United States and South Korea, they show that North Korea is continuing to develop more powerful weapons.
Aukus pact: Emmanuel Macron to demand 'clarifications' from Joe Biden
The French president, Emmanuel Macron, was expected to speak on the phone on Wednesday with Joe Biden to demand the US president explain why he went behind France's back to seal a security pact with Australia and the UK that voids the former's €56bn submarine contract with France.
Why is France So Pissed Off?
Benjamin Haddad, the Senior Director for the Europe Center at the Atlantic Council, "a nonpartisan organization that galvanizes US leadership and engagement in the world, in partnership with allies and partners, to shape solutions to global challenges," sat down with Frenchly yesterday to explain why France is completement fâché with the United States en ce moment.