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How to Electrify the Nation's School Buses
By some measures, the school bus industry actually represents the largest mass transit program in the U.S., boasting 480,000 vehicles that are responsible for 10 billion students trips every single year. 1
It'd also avert 5.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year - the equivalent of removing about 1.2 million gas-powered passenger cars from the road. 1
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from SPUR
Building the Future Together: Our Goals for SPUR's Work in Oakland
As the incoming Oakland director at SPUR, I have an incredible opportunity to bridge the organization's policy research, advocacy and discourse to this dynamic city, in service of its future and the future of the region.
Oakland Installs Speed Cushions on 35th Ave
In response to the death of cyclist Deontae Bush in 2018, Oakland installs another round of safety measures on 35th
Expanding Healthy Food Incentives Increases Community Wealth
New research shows more comprehensively than ever before that healthy food incentive programs, like SPUR's Double Up Food Bucks, improve community wealth in addition to health.
Holland Shows How to Put Pedestrians First in Winter
Nope, not *that* Holland.
Holland has a long history of going above and beyond for people who travel outside cars in the winter - and no, we're not talking about that Holland.
Community-Led 'Beautiful Boulevard' Plan Puts Bus Rapid Transit into a Walkable Downtown Eagle Rock
Neighbors have come together over a "Beautiful Boulevard" proposal to put Metro Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along a walkable Colorado Boulevard through the heart of Eagle Rock.
Could FAA Rule Change Offer Hope to Fix SFO Transit Mess?
Hop on the Piccadilly Line in Central London and in 50 minutes you can debark at any of the terminals at Heathrow Airport, without changing trains.
Can a Land Bridge Restore What a Black Community Lost?
At the height of the urban renewal era, state and local governments across the country strategically routed highway projects through the heart of Black neighborhoods - displacing residents, destroying businesses, and shattering communities.
Amtrak Is Ready to Grow. Will it Finally Get the Subsidy It Deserves?
Amtrak is aiming to de-prioritize profitability and focus on radically expanding its service with the help of the next infrastructure bill - and help intercity rail take its rightful place as an essential component of our public transportation ecosystem, rather than quasi-private afterthought.
Commentary: Use Physics, Not Plastic, for Safety
It's time for cities to get rid of "safe hit" posts and start installing steel and concrete to force motorists to follow the law