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"We are not your Dad's old transit department," said Omishakin. 1
Josefowitz asked Director Omishakin about the state's 85th percentile rule - in which speed limits are set according to how fast people are driving. 1"We've been rewarding bad behavior" with these rules, said Omishakin. 1He joked that he could get on a soapbox about the subject. 1
It turns out that federal safety and public health agencies who have for years blamed "drunk" pedestrians for their own deaths have been largely basing their conclusions on conjecture by cops, rather than definitive evidence.
Is a park truly accessible if you can't bike, walk, or roll to it - or if you'll be vulnerable to racist attacks once you arrive?
This week, we're joined by Roger Duncan to talk about his new book (with Michael Webber), The Future of Transportation, Buildings, and Power.
Oakland welcomes a new park to Brooklyn Basin. But bike access was completely whiffed
What was once a derelict Oakland pier is now a sprawling, beautiful waterfront park.
No single architect has been as closely associated with imagining and implementing visions for outdoor dining during the COVID-19 pandemic than David Rockwell.
Automated vehicle technology was supposed to end car crashes forever - but a new study suggests that the more autonomous a car gets, the more reckless its driver may become, negating many of the technology's safety benefits to vulnerable road users when "smart" cars make mistakes.
As coronavirus cases surge nationally, many scientific studies are reassuring essential workers that it's largely safe to take public transportation (if they use basic precautions) - and reminding Washington that it's past time to give transit agencies the relief they need.
Sorry, motoring interests, but you can't have San Francisco's coastline to yourself anymore