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They, too, also issued breach notices...
La Clinica's ongoing investigation has determined that unauthorized access to the affected systems occurred, and ended, on January 12, 2021.... [Information] may have included some of the following information: your full name, date of birth, phone number, home address, health insurance information, and certain health information such as dates of service, diagnosis, test results, and treatment information related to care received at La Clinica. 1
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A chat with DarkSide
In a recent article on BankInfoSecurity, Mathew J. Schwartz reports that ransomware threat actors have been on somewhat of a " charm offensive " since last year, giving interviews to media.
This browser extension promises to block Google's controversial new tracking algorithm
DuckDuckGo has launched a new browser extension for Chrome that will prevent FLoC, a new tracking technique used by Google to support web advertising without user tracking.
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Community Health Plan District of Columbia discloses breach
Maggie Miller and Laura Kelly report:
Staying at a Hotel or an AirBnB This Summer? Consider Using a VPN.
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IT: Gino Group car dealership notifies customers of ransomware attack
Matteo Borgetto reports (translation):
"Dear Customer, on 7 April 2021 we unfortunately discovered that our systems had been attacked by unknown hackers.
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is contacting 58 people after a data breach
ChrisD reports:
The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is contacting 58 people after a data breach.
UK: Woman stalked by radiographer after NHS file accessed speaks out
Alice Liana Galli reports:
A woman stalked by a radiographer after he stole her NHS files has spoken for the first time about the impact of his actions on her life and how she moved home.
Clubhouse data leak: 1.3 million scraped user records leaked online for free
CyberNews reports:
Days after scraped data from more than a billion Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, collectively speaking, was put for sale online, it looks like now it's Clubhouse's turn.
Upstox alerts users of data breach; says funds, securities remain safe
PTI reports: