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COVID rent relief program opens. Here's how it works
After months of lingering unemployment and missed rent payments, federal relief is on the way for struggling landlords and tenants.
Sponsored: Residents watch reckless hazardous cleanup - how can they respond to this behavior?
A: The cost to fix bad work is a typical real estate problem. As I always say, "Frugality can be expensive." Especially when taking the lowest price or hiring unlicensed workers.
Bankrupt Bay Area developer in SEC fraud case quits real estate empire
SAN JOSE - Bankrupt developer Sanjeev Acharya and his company Silicon Sage Builders have given up the battle to rescue their Bay Area real estate empire, court records show.
Acharya had filed a Chap.
Sponsored: Quintessential Craftsman home in Rockridge
On a uniquely intimate and cozy block sits a tranquil little eddy off the beaten path, yet perfectly around the corner from everything on College Avenue.
Real estate: Bay Area hotels in bankruptcy go on auction block
SAN JOSE - Two hotels in the Bay Area, one in the South Bay and the other on the Peninsula, are part of a coast-to-coast package of hotels that are being offered for sale by a bankrupt hotel owner.
Sponsored: Highlight spring all year long
There's optimism in the air. Its origins are many and varied, but one origin that everyone might agree on is the coming of spring. Daylight is increasing by at least two minutes per day.
COVID real estate: Offices eyed at San Jose Watergarden gay bathhouse site
SAN JOSE - Briggs Development intends to transform a long-time gay bathhouse property near downtown San Jose into an office building with plenty of outdoor workspaces and gathering areas that workers seek in a world jolted by the coronavirus.
10x Genomics will create big new Pleasanton campus amid expansion
PLEASANTON - 10x Genomics has crafted plans for a major expansion of its Pleasanton operations through the purchase of a big property that it will develop as a modern campus, the biotech company said Tuesday.
$1 billion, three deals, show downtown Oakland real estate muscle
OAKLAND - Global and local investors are paying rising prices for trophy buildings in downtown Oakland, including the latest deal for the iconic Uptown Station building, a sign of investor confidence in the East Bay's largest city.
Massive erosion to Monterey County properties raises question of who is responsible
PACIFIC GROVE - A Pacific Grove homeowner is attributing what he likens to a canyon being eroded through his property to a poor design of Pebble Beach Co.'s Morse Road just on the upstream side of his property.