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German ruling on cookie consent: Don't send IP address to US
A German court has ruled that sharing IP addresses with US-based servers for the purpose of cookie consent is unlawful under EU data protection law and the EU Court of Justice Schrems II ruling.
Virgin Media fined 50k for spamming opted-out customers
British telco Virgin Media is facing a £50k financial penalty after spamming more than 400,000 opted-out customers urging them to sign back up to receive marketing bumf.
UK privacy chief denies conflict of interest in new role
The UK's outgoing information commissioner Elizabeth Denham is set to join global law firm Baker McKenzie, which previously defended Facebook against privacy enforcement by her office.
How a Cultural Shift Toward Data Democratization Can Improve Analytics - DATAVERSITY
As part of a well-desired culture change of data awareness in an organization, data democratization is a concept that enables easy access to data by anyone.
Cookie compliance efforts fall short even three years after GDPR
European Union law on cookie consent is clear: a person should be given a simple choice to accept or reject being tracked by advertisers on publisher sites.
UK urged to review lobbying rules after former privacy chief joins law firm
Campaigners are urging the U.K. government to review rules governing what regulators can do when they leave office.
62% of internet users saw content they believed was 'untrue or doubtful' in 2021
Almost two thirds of internet users saw online content they considered to be "untrue or doubtful" in 2021, new Central Statistics Office (CSO) data shows.
Antony Sher's stand against apartheid | Brief letters
Antony Sher ( Obituary, 3 December) was a stalwart in the struggle against apartheid. He joined us on the picket line outside South Africa House on many occasions. He did not draw attention to himself.
In Europe, the online ad industry's foundations are probed | Engadget
An Irish civil rights group believes that it has successfully exposed the so-called legal fictions that underpin the online advertising industry.
Tech companies forcing users into 'ultimatum' between privacy and isolation says CEO
An astonishing one out of every five people in Britain take no steps to protect their personal data, despite it being one of their highest concerns.