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EU data protection

"The ICO found that significant 'invisible' processing took place, likely affecting millions of adults in the UK. 1It is 'invisible' because the individual is not aware that the organisation is collecting and using their personal data. 1
Irish privacy regulators have opened two investigations into Instagram over the social media site's handling of young people's personal data. 1
Users were apparently switching to business accounts in order to see statistics on how many likes their posts were getting, after Instagram started removing the feature from personal accounts in some countries to help with mental health. 1
One might reasonably start to worry about the UK opting for too insecure an approach when the strategy refers to tackling barriers to data, which, it states, range from "legal barriers (real and perceived) through to cultural blockers and risk aversion". 1
The UK could develop into a data haven, in the way some countries are tax havens. 1
France's data regulator CNIL has issued some recommendations for French services that handle health data, as Mediapart first reported. 1
Those recommandations follow a landmark ruling by Europe's top court in July. 1
Under the Privacy Shield, companies could outsource data processing from the EU to the US in bulk. 1