How to Effectively Manage Leads at Every Stage in Your Sales Funnel
Effective lead management is one of the core principles of any successful business.
Third-party health apps are vulnerable to hacks, report finds
Third-party health apps that pull patient data from electronic health record systems are vulnerable to hacks, according to a new report.
Privacy fears as schools use facial recognition to speed up lunch queue
Privacy campaigners have raised concerns about the use of facial recognition technology on pupils queueing for lunch in school canteens in the UK.
App-Based Businesses Juggle Ad Platform Perils; IAB Tech Lab's Latest Standard | AdExchanger
Seemingly every grocery chain now has a programmatic platform, not to mention Lowe's, Home Depot, Instacart, GoPuff and buy-now-pay-later companies like Afterpay and Klarna, to be joined soon by Uber, perhaps Shopify and who knows who else.
5 Steps to Succeed With Blue-Green Deployment
By: JJ Tang on
By allowing teams to maintain two production-ready environments at the same time, the blue-green deployment technique can significantly boost reliability.
DOJ Antitrust Nominee Jonathan Kanter Faces Senators On Big Tech, Consumer Welfare Standard | AdExchanger
If there's one thing lawmakers from both sides of the aisle seem able to agree on, it's the need to rein in Big Tech.
Ad trackers continue to collect Europeans' data without consent under the GDPR, say ad data detectives - Digiday
More than three years after Europe's sweeping privacy law took effect, consent mismatches and illegitimate data collection continue to undermine advertisers' and publishers' efforts to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.
IAB Europe suspends consent management firms as global privacy authorities signal tougher action - Digiday
by Kate Kaye
GCP gets triple-redundant NAS and built-in Kubernetes backup
Google Cloud Platform's recent launch of Filestore Enterprise and Backup for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) saw it place bets on high-end NAS file access storage with synchronous replication, and data protection for Kubernetes container environment in a virtual appliance aimed at radically simplifying admin tasks.
Does your business have adequate cyber security and why is it...
The first computers were invented in order to calculate, but as time went on, the need for faster calculations lead to more powerful computers that could do more complex computations.