UK Hospitality Sector Could See Half a Million Job Cuts
Britain's largest hotel lobby warned that employers may cut half a million jobs when the government ends its wage support program.
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The G7 leaders get down to business, taking on climate change and the pandemic.
The Group of 7 leaders reach the heart of their annual summit meeting on Saturday, with the pandemic, climate change, China and Russia likely to be on the agenda at their gathering in Cornwall, England.
'Prime duty to uphold territorial integrity of UK'
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told the BBC there is a lot of "misunderstanding" around the EU about the situation in Northern Ireland.
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Biden flourishes in Trump's absence from the world stage
So many leaders at the latest G-7 meeting, including those from Germany, France and Canada, seemed simply eager to move past Trump this week; so much so that they greeted Biden like an old friend even when he wasn't.
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Angela Merkel, Anchor of European Stability, Stays Focused at Her Final G7
The German chancellor, known for her commitment to compromise, is eager to revive deal-making on multilateral policy, joining the world's top democratic leaders one last time. Can she be replaced?
Putin: Relationship with U.S. has 'deteriorated to its lowest point' in years
Biden on the other hand, Putin said, is a "career man."
"He's spent virtually his entire adulthood in politics. Just think of the number of years he spent in the Senate.
Cameras Off: G7 Summit Heralds the Return of In-Person Diplomacy
Summit meetings are always full of prepackaged "deliverables,'' but stage management always works better when there's an actual stage.
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Analysis | Did Big Tech Get Too Big? U.S. Crackdown Seeks Answer: QuickTake
The rise of global technology superstars Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google created new challenges for the competition watchdogs who enforce antitrust laws.
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Italy halts the use of AstraZeneca's vaccine in those under 60.
Italy will stop administering AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine to people under the age of 60, the Italian government announced on Friday, amid a drop in the country's level of infections that meant the risks of distributing the vaccine to younger people was judged to outweigh the benefits.
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