Climate change adaptation puts Patagonian penguins in peril
Turbo, an 18-inch-tall Patagonian penguin with a white belly and black-banded chest, has been a bachelor for all his adult life.
Climate change has complicated his search for a mate.
New planet as big as Jupiter discovered by 'citizen scientists'
A group of citizen scientists and astronomers have found a new planet the size of Jupiter.
Lakers vs. Jazz Preview: L.A.'s problematic defense desperately needs to improve
The Lakers' defense in their 133-96 loss to the Denver Nuggets on Saturday was downright atrocious and embarrassing. Unfortunately, this has been the norm.
This space-saving foldable heater is as cool as your Xbox Series S - Yanko Design
A compact heater crafted for individuals who are fed up with the bulky and impractical design of static heaters that beam heat only in one position.
New COVID drugs are here - you just need to find them
Simple, easy and effective COVID-fighting pills are arriving in California's pharmacies, offering hope as cases soar and immunity falls.
Being ill is no fun, especially if you don't even have Covid | Eva Wiseman
n December my daughter brought Covid home from school as if a folded permission slip.
David Andrews is not fazed by freezing temperatures in Buffalo
The New England Patriots' wild card playoff game against the Buffalo Bills will be played in freezing conditions.
Why Josh Allen plans to go sleeveless in frigid Patriots-Bills game
The temperature for Saturday night's game is expected to be close to zero degrees.
What to Watch For in Saturday's N.F.L. Playoff Games
The Las Vegas Raiders will face the Cincinnati Bengals and the New England Patriots will visit the Buffalo Bills.