India says Google abused Android dominance | Engadget
Google stifled competition and prevented the development of Android rivals in India, the country's antitrust regulator has decided in a report seen by .
Tereza Iofciu Awarded the PSF Community Service Award for Q1 2021
Tereza Iofciu, Data Science coach, PyLadies Hamburg organizer, and PSF Code of Conduct working group member has been awarded the Python Software Foundation 2021 Q1 community service award.
Discord, Commure raise $500 million funding rounds - Silicon Valley Business Journal
If a $100 million in new venture funding counts as a mega-round, what do you call an investment that totals $500 million?
A goliath round? A gargantuan round? A ridiculously large round?
Celebrating pre-tech SF through Muni transfer tickets - The San Francisco Examiner
'Ticket to Ride' is made up of artistic renderings of Muni tickets, most of which are several feet tall. (Courtesy of Optimist Williams)
Celebrating pre-tech SF through Muni transfer tickets
Opinion | Computers Will Conquer Your Face
It is difficult to avoid sounding vulgar, somehow, when discussing the future of facial computing.
Vietnam-based CoderSchool gets $2.6M pre-Series A to scale online course platform
CoderSchool, a Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-based online coding school startup, announced today $2.6 million in pre-Series A funding to scale up its online coding school platform.
Daily Crunch: SpaceX set to launch 4 civilians into orbit for 3-day mission
Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for September 15, 2021. Today we have everything in the newsletter. Bad behavior in the crypto world?
Why the Mailchimp deal might make good sense?
Clubhouse hires a head of news from NPR to build out publisher relationships
Clubhouse has hired a veteran editor from NPR to lead news publishing for the app.
I'm a seasoned engineer struggling to get a remote gig. What am I doing wrong?
- Engineer trying to make a move
Dear Engineer,
I commend you on your job search and trying to find better opportunities for work as well as trying to improve yourself.