Bipartisan US Senate delegation meets with Ukrainian President as Russian invasion threat looms
Washington (CNN)A group of seven US senators met on Monday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the capital of Kyiv amid the looming threat of a potential Russian invasion of the country.
Contaminated soil at old Vallco site puts redevelopment on hold
CUPERTINO - Before shovels break ground to officially kick off construction of the new Vallco Town Center, property owners will have to rid the 50-acre site of chemicals left behind from several dry cleaners and an old automotive center.
Analysis | Trump Isn't Responsible for Iran's Aggressive Behavior
As the nuclear negotiations between the world powers and Iran approach a denouement, the Biden administration is turning up the heat on... Donald Trump!?
'We are struggling': two former officials at Afghan women's affairs ministry
The crowds fighting to get into Kabul airport for evacuation dispersed months ago, but while the scramble to leave Taliban-controlled Afghanistan became less visible when the last foreign troops left in August 2021, it got no less desperate.
U.S. Refines Tool to Evaluate Havana Syndrome Cases
The tool, essentially a standardized battery of questions and medical tests, can help determine the kind of care needed by people affected by the "anomalous health incidents."
Human Rights Watch Criticises Biden, Others For Weak Defense Of Democracy - Towleroad Gay News
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Human Rights Watch on Thursday criticised U.S. President Joe Biden and other Western leaders for a weak defense of democracy and for failing to meet challenges from the climate crisis and COVID-19 pandemic to poverty, inequality and racial injustice.
Inmates sue Mass. prison, alleging unprovoked beatings by guards
The lawsuit alleges that Black and Latino prisoners were targeted for "especially brutal and degrading treatment."
If Anyone Can Talk Russia Out of Invading Ukraine, It's Probably Wendy Sherman
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In Wendy Sherman's world, rationality rules.
One-bedroom, one-bathroom condo in D.C.'s Brightwood lists for $209,000
A goal for every home buyer is to make a purchase in a neighborhood that appears to be up-and-coming.