FTB: good and bad news for Leafs prospects in Russia
Yes, we're going to talk about the Chicago scandal and give all the details from yesterday, but I just wrote a whole post about it over at Raw Charge so you're going to get some light-hearted Leafs prospect news first.
The dirty dozen: meet America's top climate villains
or too long, Americans were fed a false narrative that they should feel individually guilty about the climate crisis.
This May Be Democrats' Best Chance to Lower Drug Prices
For patients with certain cancers, out-of-pocket spending can exceed $15,000 a year. Legislation could take aim at prices and the amounts Medicare patients are charged.
Pastries and Persuasion: How a Global Tax Deal Got Done
Over Zoom calls from basements and a breakfast in Brussels, faltering negotiations to remake the world's tax architecture were revived.
AAU adopts principles to prevent sexual harassment
The Association of American Universities announced Tuesday that it was adopting "groundbreaking" new principles for preventing sexual harassment in academe.
Hiring When You're Not FAANG
By: Don Macvittie on
Most of us are not FAANG, and we shouldn't act like we are.
Japan's Communists Are Hardly Radical, but Make a Handy Election Target
They have minimal support in polls. But by teaming up with other opposition parties for the first time, they have been made a boogeyman by the unpopular party in power.
NYC adding metal detectors and police after guns found in schools
After a spate of incidents involving students bringing guns into school buildings, New York City will deploy additional metal detectors to campuses and send extra police personnel during arrival and dismissal, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.
Roger Goodell gets ratio'd into oblivion for Dan Snyder comment
Through the whirlwind that has been Jon Gruden's email scandal, there is one small piece of information that gets conveniently glossed over: Gruden was never the subject of the email investigation.
Honoring Elliot Harmon-EFF Activism Director, Poet, Friend-1981-2021
It is with heavy hearts that we mourn and celebrate our friend and colleague Elliot Harmon, who passed away peacefully on Saturday morning following a lengthy battle with .