UK rejects EU's Northern Ireland moves, saying Brexit deal must be renegotiated
Boris Johnson has rejected Brussels' latest attempt to iron out problems with the post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland, insisting that the withdrawal agreement signed last year must be renegotiated.
New police memorial honours officers killed in the line of duty
If PC Fiona Bone had turned a different way, if she had been sick that day, if her degree in film production studies had led to more work, her father, Paul, would have not spent the last nine years grieving.
Emergency department at London hospital flooded
Flash flooding across much of London has led to problems at Newham Hospital in the east of the city.
Parts of London flooded as post-heatwave thunderstorm warning issued
Motorists had to be rescued by emergency services after heavy rain left roads flooded in parts of London.
Funfair ride collapse caused by 'misuse of equipment' by teenagers, amusement park says
A funfair ride that collapsed in Carrickfergus on Saturday was caused by the "misuse of equipment by teenagers" the amusement park has said.
If Britain wants to resolve the Northern Ireland protocol, this is not the way to do it | Anand Menon and Jill Rutter
aking responsibility should be the flipside of taking back control.
Four children injured after ride collapses at Northern Ireland theme park
Four children have been taken to hospital after a funfair ride collapsed in Northern Ireland.
Emergency services were called to Planet Fun at Carrickfergus Harbour shortly before 6pm on Saturday.
'Great to be back': jubilation as parkrun returns to England
The return of parkrun was met with scenes of jubilation on Saturday as the weekly running club took place in England for the first time since the start of the Covid pandemic.
19-year-old drowns off Lancashire pier as England heatwave ends
A 19-year-old man has become the latest person to die after swimming in open water as England's hot weather came to an end.
Analysis | How the U.K.'s Hold on Gibraltar Is Challenged by Brexit
The aftershocks of the U.K.'s exit from the European Union are still being felt in Gibraltar, the rocky outcrop at Spain's southern tip that's been British for three centuries.