Prior COVID Infection More Protective Than Vaccination During Delta Surge -U.S. Study - Towleroad Gay News
By Julie Steenhuysen and Manas Mishra
Study: Vaccination protects against Covid-19 hospitalization significantly more than prior infections
Both vaccination and prior infection help protect against new Covid-19 infections, but vaccination protects against hospitalization significantly more than natural immunity from prior infection alone, according to a study published Wednesday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Israel study: 4th vaccine shows limited results with omicron
JERUSALEM - An Israeli hospital on Monday said preliminary research indicates a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine provides only limited defense against the omicron variant that is raging around the world.
Canada approves Pfizer COVID drug
TORONTO - Canada's health regulator has approved a pill by Pfizer that treats the effects of COVID-19.
Crunching the COVID-19 Numbers: NYC moving past the Omicron peak, as cases begin to tumble | amNewYork
The previous projections that Governor Kathy Hochul and health experts made about the current COVID-19 crisis appear to be coming true: the Omicron-fueled surge in cases in New York is starting to ebb as sharply as it rose around Christmas time.
In children, obesity and excess weight increase the risk of COVID-19 complications
Recent reports show obesity is one of the main conditions that put children at higher risk when they contract COVID-19.
Iranian state TV: Omicron cause of death in 3 Iranians
TEHRAN, Iran - Iranian state television said Saturday that three Iranian citizens have died after they were infected with omicron, the new, more easily spread variant of the coronavirus.
One cellular fighter might be the key to thwarting Covid-19
Omicron is spreading rapidly throughout the world, with experts claiming that 40 percent of the global population will be infected within the next two months.
COVID-19 deaths rise in L.A. County, but officials blame Delta more than Omicron
Los Angeles County has recently noted an increase in coronavirus deaths, but officials think they are mainly tied to the Delta variant, rather than the prolific Omicron strain that has fueled record-high infections in the county and across the state.
Map: How many ICU beds in the U.S. are now occupied
As a record number of Americans are infected with COVID-19, largely due to the rapidly spreading Omicron variant, some states' health care systems are beset with nearly full intensive care units.