Policing Reform Negotiations Sputter in Congress Amid Partisan Bickering
After a Minneapolis jury in April found the white police officer who killed George Floyd guilty of murder, lawmakers in both parties were cautiously optimistic that the verdict would provide fresh momentum to break the impasse that had bedeviled negotiators since Mr. Floyd's death. 1President Biden gave his support, too, calling on Congress to act by the first anniversary of the murder, in late May. 1
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Lordstown Motors' chief executive and chief financial officer resign.
Lordstown Motors, the electric vehicle start-up fighting for survival, announced on Monday the resignation of its chief executive, Steve Burns, and chief financial officer, Julio Rodriguez, after the results of a board investigation into an investor's report questioning the company's viability and statements about customer interest in its electric trucks.
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Winemakers Collaborate With Weed Growers on New Cannabis Appellation Systems | Wine Enthusiast
In September, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 67 into law, which set the stage for the California Department of Food and Agriculture's (CDFA) Cannabis Appellations Program.
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It's Personal: Zoom'd Out Workplace Ready For Face-To-Face Conversations To Return
Amanda Cavallaro's job is to keep 40,000 different strains of fruit flies alive.
She was among a small number of Janelia employees who never stopped coming in to work in the pandemic.
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Mental health service investigated over allegedly falsifying suicide helpline calls
The Victorian government has launched an inquiry into a mental health organisation alleged to have falsified suicide helpline data so it could receive state government funding, with the acting premier James Merlino confirming on Friday the CEO of the organisation had resigned over the issue.
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