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Cloud computing gets back to basics
There seems to be a clear trend in the world of cloud computing to return to IT fundamentals-the core problems that IT was set up to solve, such as data management, security, operations, governance, and development.All these things have been practiced for many decades and should be practiced now.The issue is not that IT is ignoring the fundamentals as they build and deploy major business systems in the cloud.
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How BMW Group has embraced AI for positive use cases and to improve sustainability | AWS re:Invent
Check out the on-demand sessions from the Low-Code/No-Code Summit to learn how to successfully innovate and achieve efficiency by upskilling and scaling citizen developers. .Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping many different industries and is having a particularly strong impact in the automotive industry.
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Why You Need To Be Using Fake Data
Is your data real or fake?Sometimes it's better if its fake
By now you're well aware of the requirements to protect customer data against loss.You know that you can't allow personally identifiable information to be exposed.You also know that the costs of doing so are significant - you or your company can find yourselves under indictment, you can face lawsuits and the damage to your company's reputation will be serious to the point that you might not recover.
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How to Solve the Problem of Imbalanced Datasets: Meet Djinn by Tonic | Blog | Tonic.a
TL;DR: In this post we'll examine how Tonic's new offering for data scientists, Djinn, helps address biases in classification models caused by imbalanced datasets.We compare the performance of Logistic Regression, XGBoost, and CatBoost models trained on datasets balanced with Djinn, SMOTE, and SMOTE-NC.
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Our Newest Ally Against Pesky Cockroaches is...AI with Lasers?
A new open-source AI tool is being used to power a laser turret to go after some of humanity's most annoying pests, cockroaches.In a study published in Oriental Insects a week ago, Ildar Rakhmatulin, a researcher at Heriot-Watt University, and fellow researchers combined machine learning with machine vision in a series of experiments on domiciliary cockroaches.
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An Introduction to Text Style Transfer, Code Snippets from ODSC West, and Keynote Recaps
Software Developer's Lawsuit Takes Aim at AI That Can Generate Computer Code A recent report states that Github Copilot is under fire as some claim that it's not giving credit to programmers who created the code Copilot was trained on.Five Ways AI is Empowering the World Cup According to a report from The Washington Post, FIFA is employing AI in five unique ways to ensure a positive experience during the 2022 World Cup.
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Episode #135: Preparing Data to Measure True Machine Learning Model Performance - The Real Python Podcast
Dec 02, 2022 57m

How do you prepare a dataset for machine learning (ML)?How do you go beyond cleaning the data and move toward measuring how the model performs?This week on the show, Jodie Burchell, developer advocate for data science at JetBrains, returns to talk about strategies for better ML model performance.
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Automated Data Labeling for Text Classification
For machine learning (ML) practitioners, one of the most important and typical tasks is full-text classification (FTC), a technique where you assign a set of categories or tags to an entire row of text.The way you do this apparently simple task has a direct impact on how we build and run apps on social media sites, news, blog posts, or online forums, to name a few of the best-known use cases.
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What Makes a Great Data Scientist? - DATAVERSITY
A great data scientist combines expert knowledge of various interrelated academic disciplines to help global enterprises make agile decisions for improved business performance.Data scientists use statistics, mathematics, data mining, and computer science to analyze data sets for observable trends and patterns.
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AWS unveils machine learning (ML) tools for data science in the cloud
Check out the on-demand sessions from the Low-Code/No-Code Summit to learn how to successfully innovate and achieve efficiency by upskilling and scaling citizen developers. .Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workloads can run in any number of locations including on-premises, at the edge, embedded in devices and in the cloud.
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University of Iowa Team Looks To Empower Interventional Radiology With AI
Empowered by artificial intelligence, doctors and staff who utilize interventional radiology can get a helping hand thanks to researchers at the University of Iowa.According to the university, interventional radiologist Sandeep Laroia, MD, and his team are in the process of developing an AI-powered device that can assist staff in simple IR procedures.