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Chicago Cubs: Uncertainty, fear overshadow the World Series
Since the news has been leaking out of the dark and dismal state of labor relations in MLB, on the eve of the World Series, I thought I'd update Chicago Cubs fans on who the main players are.
Giving former Chicago Cubs broadcaster Jack Brickhouse some love
Most Chicago Cubs fans have probably noticed the prominent "Hey Hey" displayed on the foul pole at Wrigley Field but unless you are an old far-uh, fan, like I am, you may not know where it comes from.
Chicago Cubs: Looking ahead to this year's Rule 5 Draft
To say we'll have plenty to talk about this offseason is putting things very mildly.
Chicago Cubs Rumors: Anthony Rizzo wants to return to the Yankees
Heading into this season, if there was one guy you felt like had a solid chance of re-signing with the Chicago Cubs long-term, odds are it was Anthony Rizzo.
Spooky season: 5 scariest days of the 2021 Chicago Cubs season
The Chicago Cubs 2021 season as a whole was beyond a scary mess. The team saw a hot streak against the defending World Series champs and an 11-game losing streak soon to follow.
Chicago Cubs: 3 possible trade candidates heading into the winter
The Chicago Cubs are in the calm before the storm in terms of the craziness set to ensue in free agency this winter.
Chicago Cubs could have their hands tied by CBA negotiations
As the date for renegotiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (December 1) approaches, it's probably a good idea to determine what each side wants, and if possible, try to determine which of those wants might be met.
What are the chances the Chicago Cubs go after Max Scherzer?
Three-time Cy Young winner Max Scherzer will be hitting free agency this winter, with plenty of interested suitors. Despite his age, Scherzer, 37, showed no signs of slowing down in 2021.
Chicago Cubs: Starting pitching must trump every other need
With how the 2021 season played out for the Chicago Cubs, there is no denying that several drastic changes need to be made, and it is anyone's guess what happens this offseason.
Chicago Cubs, Ian Happ have come to a fork in the road
If there's one Chicago Cubs player who has to be considered a question mark moving forward, it's Ian Happ. Since 2017, I don't remember a Cub that has been more up and down than Happ.