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"It's fundamentally about reducing car ownership. 1
Lots of places aren't well-served by transit yet, or they don't have strong biking and walking infrastructure yet - and they will someday, but they need a way to get around right now without having to own cars." 1
If you are planning to buy a used car, but don't know how to choose the right one, you can go for free car history check, it will give you all information about car past data. 1
This data reveals historic and current MOT test, MOT passes, failures and advisory notices about any used car you want to buy. 1
Getting a free car history check may help you be informed about your used car's history. 1
Buying a used vehicle is a highly risky thing to do, it is impossible to tell the history of the vehicle by just taking a look at it. 1
Sometimes some hidden information can be revealed to the buyer which was not disclosed by the seller earlier. 1
However, the industry has been slow to adapt to this new world. 1
And with the rise in connectivity, brands can be more innovative with subscription models to unlock further after-sales opportunities. 1
The cars of tomorrow will have a fixed fee at the point of purchase and buyers will be able customise the car as and when they want. 1