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Which electric vehicle is Southern California's 'hottest' used car?
Just how maddeningly tumultuous is Southern California's used car market?
Consider the region's hottest vehicle - the quirky, electric Nissan Leaf.
U.S. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg rebuts Elon Musk on federal electric car investments
U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg defended the Biden administration's support for electric vehicles that Tesla Inc. chief executive officer Elon Musk dismissed as "unnecessary."
Biden wants to end federal gas-powered vehicle purchases by 2035
WASHINGTON - U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday will sign an executive order vowing to transition to the acquisition of only zero-emission vehicles by 2035 for the federal vehicle fleet, the White House said.
Elon Musk slams Biden's Build Back Better bill and its electric car incentives
Elon Musk criticized new incentives and infrastructure for electric vehicles in a huge spending bill backed by Joe Biden, saying he would "delete" the measures and even ditch the entire legislation if he had the power.
Safety agency says it is looking into Tesla video games that can be played while moving.
The federal government's top auto safety regulator said on Wednesday that it had begun looking into a new feature in Tesla cars allowing drivers to play video games on a large touch-screen while the vehicles are moving.
Tesla allows drivers to play video games in moving cars, raising safety concerns
Tesla updated its software allowing vehicle occupants to play video games on the center touchscreen while in motion, raising questions about safety and driver distraction.
Toronto police just revealed the ten most stolen vehicles in the city this year
Toronto police have revealed the top ten most commonly stolen vehicles in the city this year.
Drivers Can Play Video Games While Driving Tesla Cars
This story originally appeared on ValueWalk
Social media videos posted by drivers and car reviewers show how video games on Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) vehicles can be accessed while in motion.
Manjoo: Cars keep getting smarter. Do they have to look so boring?
A product manager at Mercedes once told me that he expected to see more changes in cars and the car business in the next 20 years than we've seen in the past 75.
Tesla drivers can now play video games-even with the car moving - The San Francisco Examiner
Vince Patton demonstrates that it is possible to play video games on his Tesla's screen while driving.