Feds oppose latest legal effort to block tribe's reservation
The Department of the Interior said any attempts to revive old litigation are "moot" since the Biden administration affirmed the tribe's reservation.
What Is ADHD Masking? How to Stop Masking Adhd?
ADHD better known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has affected almost 6 million people in the United States. And almost ⅓ of the ADHD population is masking their ADHD right now.
Lawmakers say Santa Clara County is in a mental health crisis - San Jose Spotlight
Two local lawmakers say there's a crisis happening with mental health and substance abuse in Santa Clara County-and they want local government to start addressing it.
27 Things No One Ever Tells You About Anxiety
There's no need to sugarcoat it: Dealing with an anxiety disorder can be downright confusing, whether you were recently diagnosed with one, or you've been living with it for a long time.
Authoritarian Parenting: How Forced Compliance Backfires - Fatherly
Ruling with an iron fist may force compliance from kids, but authoritarian parenting tends to backfire as children mature into teenagers and adults.
Meet 4 people who worry about CTE, but never played in the NFL
A photo of Leo Perez at Purdue University's football stadium in 1995.
He played as a four-year starting defensive tackle at Purdue.
When milestones are delayed
There's a sort-of unspoken, but widely acknowledged, 'life path' we're all expected to follow - but none of our journeys are exactly the same. Here, we're exploring the mental health impact of deviating from the predicted 'life milestones' course, and how to handle it
Giants legend Lawrence Taylor arrested for violating sex offender stipulations
Earlier this week, former NFL legend O.J. Simpson became a free man when he was discharged early for a 2008 armed robbery conviction.
Roland Hemond's Best White Sox Trades
White Sox send Ken Berry, Syd O'Brien and Billy Wynne to California for catcher Tom Egan, starting pitcher Tom Bradley and outfielder Jay Johnstone.
COMIC: How to escape out of your pandemic slump
Sadness, lethargy and an inability to concentrate can also be signs of clinical depression or other serious mental health issue that can benefit from professional counseling and treatment.