Judge blocks sale of apartment complex built on top of historical Black cemetery
A judge has blocked the sale of a suburban apartment complex in Maryland that was previously used as a cemetery for freed Black slaves, arguing that "many bodies likely still remain on the property".
I'm in the consortium possessing the leaked Facebook documents. Let's dissolve it.
On Monday, the consortium of news organizations tasked with combing through Frances Haugen's Facebook documents expanded its ranks to include my small, independent newsletter, Big Technology.
Commons committee delivers damning verdict on Owen Paterson's lobbying
The findings of the official investigation into the lobbying activities of the Conservative former minister Owen Paterson are damning.
Shun fossil fuel firms by treating them like tobacco industry, EU urged
Oil and gas companies should be treated like the tobacco industry and denied routine meetings with EU officials, a group of NGOs have said, as they revealed that fossil fuel producers have enjoyed hundreds of meetings with Brussels decision makers since the Paris climate agreement.
Academics fear new law in Singapore
Singapore's new foreign interference law will exacerbate the "pervasive culture of academic self-censorship," critics have warned, despite assurances that routine university activities will not be affected.
DUP hits out at prosecution of army veteran who died from Covid
Serious questions need to be raised about the prosecution of an 80-year-old army veteran over a fatal shooting during Northern Ireland's troubles, the Democratic Unionist party leader has said, following the death of the former soldier from Covid on Monday evening.
Doing the right thing: How CISOs should approach responsible disclosure
The debate on what constitutes responsible disclosure has been running for some 20 years, with no end in sight.
Trump to Testify in Lawsuit Over Bodyguards' 2015 Clash With Protesters
Former President Donald J. Trump is expected to testify on Monday at Trump Tower as part of a lawsuit brought by a group of activists who said that they were violently attacked by his bodyguards in 2015.
School Lunches Are About to Get a Makeover, Thanks to These New Guidelines
Low-fat chocolate milk will once again be on the menu for school lunches across the United States, according to new guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
FDA aims to crack down on salt in processed food
The Food and Drug Administration is trying to crack down on your salt intake.