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New York Post
1 month ago

Why the biggest threat of bird flu is government disinformation

Bird flu and monkeypox are emerging threats with potential severe consequences, highlighting the importance of effective government responses and public awareness of health risks. [ more ]
1 month ago
OMG science

Hurricane Categories Don't Capture All of a Storm's True Dangers

Focusing solely on a hurricane's category on the Saffir-Simpson scale may lead to underestimating the true dangers posed by the storm. [ more ]
Washington Post
1 month ago
US news

Perspective | Feds tell agencies to support domestic violence victims seeking time off

The need to protect domestic abuse victims is highlighted by the disturbing incident involving Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Cassie Ventura. [ more ]
New York Daily News
1 year ago

Most Americans don't believe government is doing enough to combat climate change: poll

Nearly two-thirds of Americans feel government isn't doing enough on climate change awareness.
Significant lack of awareness among Americans regarding the Inflation Reduction Act's impact on climate change.
Mixed views among Americans on the effectiveness of the Inflation Reduction Act in combating climate change. [ more ]
3 months ago

Ballsy testicular cancer awareness campaign unveiled on Westminster Bridge

Testicular cancer cases doubled in 3 decades. [ more ]
3 months ago
Artificial intelligence

AI Briefing: Hillary Clinton and Google's Eric Schmidt both suggest Section 230 reform

AI poses a significant threat to elections compared to social media use in the past two decades.
Leaders are discussing the need for new guardrails and educating the public to combat AI-generated misinformation. [ more ]
4 months ago
Left-wing politics

Biden Pushes Lower Health Care Costs and Takes a Dig at Trump

President Biden is promoting proposals to reduce health care costs in his budget, including capping insulin prices and limiting out-of-pocket drug costs.
Despite Biden's efforts to lower health care costs, many Americans are unaware of his accomplishments, potentially impacting his re-election campaign. [ more ]
4 months ago
OMG science

Scientist Terrified by How the Climate Is Falling Apart

The urgency of the impending climate crisis is dire, and public awareness is crucial for meaningful action.
Scientists are facing challenges in motivating the public to take action against climate change. [ more ]
5 months ago

Home Office test scandal students to pitch Mr Bates-inspired TV drama

Overseas students wrongly accused of cheating by the Home Office are developing a television drama pitch to raise awareness about their experiences.
The students hope that by creating a drama, they can garner public attention and support for their fight against the Home Office's decision to cancel their visas. [ more ]
Chicago Tribune
5 months ago

National Public Housing Museum opens exhibit on eviction: 'Housing insecurity is weighing heavy on so many of us'

Housing has become unaffordable for half of U.S. renters, impacting eviction rates and homelessness.
The National Public Housing Museum has launched an immersive exhibit called 'Evicted' to raise awareness about housing insecurity. [ more ]
7 months ago
US news

'The most meaningful and fulfilling action of my life': Kraft donates another $100 million to fight antisemitism

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is matching a $100 million donation to his Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, aiming to expand its efforts.
The donation comes at a time when antisemitism is on the rise, with the FBI warning that it is reaching 'historic levels.' [ more ]
1 week ago

Fire breaks out at Wimbledon house used as suspected cannabis factory

Cannabis factory fires pose significant risks due to unsafe electrical installations and potential dangers for firefighters. [ more ]
3 weeks ago
Germany news

Germany: Islamophobic crimes more than double in 2023 DW 06/24/2024

Islamophobia-driven crimes doubled in Germany in 2023, with over 1,900 cases reported, reflecting a concerning societal acceptance of anti-Muslim racism. [ more ]
4 weeks ago

Community Tesla interview shows that EV education still has a long way to go

Electric vehicle education and awareness still lacking among the general public, as shown in Tesla community interviews. [ more ]
Los Angeles Times
4 weeks ago
Los Angeles

42 buildings in Beverly Hills aren't seismically retrofitted. Is yours at risk in an earthquake?

Soft-story buildings in Beverly Hills pre-1978 may need seismic retrofit for earthquake safety. Times tracks retrofits in LA County for public awareness. [ more ]
4 weeks ago
Artificial intelligence

AI cameras used at London stations to detect passengers' emotions without them knowing

Passenger emotions secretly recorded at London stations using AI for analysis [ more ]
1 month ago

We wouldn't let animals die in misery. Why should humans?': Susan Hampshire on why dying must be a choice

Raising awareness by public figures like Esther Rantzen can significantly impact the conversation around assisted dying. [ more ]
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