Defend Chernobyl During an Invasion? Why Bother, Some Ukrainians Ask.
Ukraine has initiated a defensive strategy for the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, one of the most radioactive places on Earth, which lies on the shortest path between Russia and Ukraine's capital, Kyiv.
Labour vows to fix 'broken system' letting water companies dump sewage
Labour has vowed to fix the "broken system" which has allowed water companies to cut the sums spent on keeping rivers clean from raw sewage while paying out huge dividends to shareholders.
Chris Boardman inspired to improve travel after daughter unable to ride safely
Olympic cycling gold medallist Chris Boardman has said he was inspired to help improve healthy travel infrastructure in England after feeling it was not safe for his daughter to ride less than 550 metres to their local park.
The downturn persists - The San Francisco Examiner
The pandemic has erased much of San Francisco's once booming economy. While things are beginning to get back to normal, The City has a long way to go for the economy to bounce back.
Biden Looks to Intel's U.S. Investment to Buoy His China Agenda
The president said passage of a China competition bill was needed "for the sake of our economic competitiveness and our national security."
How to start coding [Article] | Treehouse Blog
Coding is for everybody. Some say it's only for people with fancy degrees, but that's plain out wrong.
Biden plan to ship 500 million covid-19 test kits transforms Postal Service to relief agency
The U.S. Postal Service's mission to deliver 500 million coronavirus test kits has cast it in an unprecedented role in the nation's pandemic response just as covid-19 infections have peaked within its own ranks and its network is under immense strain.
E-biker critically injured in Windsor Terrace * Brooklyn Paper
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Nvidia adds container support into AI Enterprise suite
Nvidia has rolled out the latest version of its AI Enterprise suite for GPU-accelerated workloads, adding integration for VMware's vSphere with Tanzu to enable organisations to run workloads in both containers and inside virtual machines.