Frustrated with the process, some electors give up hope of voting by mail | CBC News
Murray Dickson is starting to feel he may not be able to vote in this election.
Like many Canadians, the Grande Cache, Alta., resident applied to vote by special mail-in ballot.
Compromise Bill on Voting Rights Includes Disenfranchising Voter ID Requirements
A group of Senate Democrats has unveiled compromise legislation intended to strengthen voting rights throughout the U.S. while appealing to centrists in the party - but which includes a voter identification provision that has the potential to restrict those voting rights for millions.
Australia gave police power to compel sysadmins into assisting account takeovers - so they plan to use it
Australia's Federal Police force on Sunday announced it intends to start using new powers designed to help combat criminal use of encryption by taking over the accounts of some social media users, then deleting or modifying content they've posted.
What to Read When in Search of Bodies
What to Read When in Search of Bodies
I've been writing about bodies for such a long time, I recently declared to some friends that I was sick of the word.
The FBI Releases New Video Of The Suspect Who Planted Bombs Before The Capitol Riot
The FBI has released a substantial amount of information, including surveillance video, and a new virtual map of the steps they took the night in question, about the unidentified bomb-maker.
EFF to Court: FOIA Requires ICE to Release Arrest and Deportation Database Records With Privacy Protections
The Freedom of Information Act requires U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to disclose deidentified data that would enable greater public oversight of the agency while protecting the privacy of immigrants and others, EFF argued in an amicus brief filed last month in federal court.
The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide to Improve Your Business
In the past decade, the ideology behind various things changed dramatically. Our concepts were altered as the way we lived our daily lives became enhanced with new technology.
Ferdinand's 'tragedy' fear over abuse
Anton Ferdinand has questioned whether it will take a tragedy for social media companies to act over online racist abuse.
Opinion | It's Time for China to Change Its Covid Strategy
Mr. Huang is a global health expert specializing in China.
"How lucky I was born in China," a young Chinese scholar declared last month in his WeChat.
Rachael Rollins is seeking to erase a decades-old rape conviction amid ID concerns
Suffolk County prosecutors say the victim sent a letter to the Parole Board saying, "I am no longer absolutely sure that my identification was correct."