Analysis | Which Programs for Children Should Democrats Cut?
It's not exactly Sophie's Choice, but it's still painful for Democrats.
Column: Who is buying those expensive houses in South L.A.? Is it really just white people?
Michael Tubbs spent years making a name for himself as the first Black mayor of Stockton, pioneering a guaranteed income program and turning it into a model for other cities and, one day, hopefully, the entire nation.
Microsoft's diversity numbers at executive level show improvement - Puget Sound Business Journal
Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) showed slight improvement in diversifying its workforce over the past year, but overall numbers still fall short of reflecting demographics across the country.
How AWS CEO Adam Selipsky is keeping its $59 billion flywheel spinning
In 2005, a new Amazon recruit named Adam Selipsky joined a small team working on a project that was seemingly far afield from the company's core business of selling products such as books, laptops, and baby supplies over the internet.
Advertising and marketing execs navigate the future of work at Ad Week
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the way we work, pushing topics like flexible work schedules, hybrid work environments and diversity to the top of minds for marketing and advertising leaders.
The candidates clashed over questions of public safety and the future of policing.
Oct. 20, 2021, 8:11 p.m. ET
The next mayor will inherit the New York Police Department at one of its most critical junctures in recent history.
Black women's trust in policing has worsened, admits Cressida Dick
Black women's trust in policing has worsened in the last year due in part to the murders of George Floyd and Sarah Everard, the Met chief said today.
A director of the Violence In Boston nonprofit has been charged with unemployment & mortgage fraud
Clark Grant is also the husband of the nonprofit's founder, Monica Cannon-Grant, a well-known local activist.
An arrest at the George Floyd protests: Mel D Cole's best photograph
took this on the first day of the protests in Foley Square, New York, following the murder of George Floyd. I've witnessed protests before but nothing like this. It was intense, volatile and angry.
Racism Is Declared a Public Health Crisis in New York City
The New York City Board of Health declared racism a public health crisis on Monday, passing a resolution that directed the Health Department to take steps to ensure a "racially just recovery" from the coronavirus pandemic.