Meeting Cop26 finance goals 'going to be tough', says Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson has said he fears there is only a 60% chance that the $100bn in climate finance viewed as key to securing an ambitious outcome to the Cop26 summit will be in place by the time world leaders meet in Glasgow in November.
Scientists investigate hundreds of guillemot deaths on UK coastline
Several hundred seabirds have been found dead along the coasts of north-east England and Scotland, while many have been discovered emaciated.
Ed Miliband: honour promises on jabs to poor countries to save Cop26 deal
Boris Johnson should set out plans to provide Covid-19 vaccinations to all developing countries to achieve a global climate deal, Labour's shadow business secretary, Ed Miliband, has urged.
California wildfires burn into some groves of giant ancient sequoias
Crews continue to battle California wildfires that have burned into some groves of gigantic ancient sequoias, the world's largest tree.
Mutual Aid - Not Police - Helped New Yorkers in the Wake of Hurricane Ida
When the remnants of Hurricane Ida arrived in the Bronx, I messaged all my group chats. Was everyone safe? Exhausted from everything that is already happening to our BIPOC communities, I couldn't sleep.
US and EU pledge 30% cut in methane emissions to limit global heating
The US and the EU made a joint pledge on Friday to cut global methane emissions by almost a third in the next decade, in what climate experts hailed as one of the most significant steps yet towards fulfilling the Paris climate agreement.
Photos: Thursday's Flash Floods Turned Metro Stations Into Waterfalls and Streets Into Rivers | Washingtonian (DC)
Washington's summer of extreme weather isn't over yet. Rain piled up around the DC area during Thursday's storms, leading to some pretty crazy scenes.
New waterfall features added to the DC Metro.
Exxon helped cause the climate crisis. It's time they owned up | Mark Hertsgaard
ossil fuel companies bear as much responsibility as governments do for humanity's climate predicament - and for finding a way out.
Stonehenge project launched to repair deep lintel cracks
The great circle of Stonehenge has stood for 4,500 years and it is tempting to imagine that it is bound to remain just as it is - stolid, unchanging - for thousands more.
Medgar Evers College to serve as FEMA 'Disaster Recovery Center' * Brooklyn Paper
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