7 Reasons Repurposing Your Content can Improve Your Marketing Strategy
Creating a holistic content marketing strategy means constantly producing content without burning yourself out.
The reason we should always pump content is to keep our audience engaged.
Abuse survivor wanted sanctions
An abuse survivor has criticised the lack of punishment for the Football Association and clubs over the use of feeder teams where paedophiles operated.
This study shows how people reason their way through echo chambers - and what might guide them out
Preaching to the choir, shouting in an echo chamber - whatever your preferred metaphor is, a study published earlier this week in the Journal of the European Economic Association sheds some light on what may be happening when people are surrounded by others with like-minded views - and especially when they have a tough time gauging whether the information being presented within the chamber is accurate.
Top Ways to Improve Your Website's User Experience
When watching a movie, you expect to be taken on a journey-one that's filled with emotion and even inspiration.
10 Phrases That Can Make You Sound Like an Arrogant Jerk
When you become a parent, it's only natural to look inward and ask yourself some probing questions, including What bad habits do I have that I should work to remove?
Delaying Brexit border checks on food won't prevent shortages, UK firms warn
British business leaders have urged the government not to delay the next phase of Brexit border checks on imports from the EU on food products, amid mounting pressure on supermarket supplies in the run-up to Christmas.
It's increasingly clear: Labour's leadership has little idea how to win a political fight | John McDonnell
After this week's performance by the Labour party, I say - more in sorrow than in anger - that we can't go on like this, something's urgently got to give.
Witnesses start to tell the tale at Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos at fraud trial - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Prosecution and defense lawyers laid out in opening statements on Wednesday what they hope to convince jurors of in the trial of Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes.
4 Benefits of Influencer Marketing That You Should Know
Did you know that 90% of marketers think that influencer marketing is effective? It's not really surprising considering the fact that the benefits of influencer marketing are many.
UK government eyes tax hike to pay for care for older people
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans Tuesday to fulfill a election promise to grapple with the rocketing cost of the long-term care needed by Britain's growing older population.