To mask or not to mask? Opinion split on London underground
The "do as I say, not as I do" approach to political messaging was again displayed last week when Boris Johnson urged people to wear masks in enclosed spaces, shortly after leading a cabinet meeting of 27 maskless ministers and eight similarly uncovered observers.
Britain's broadcast media is too valuable to be the toy of politicians and moguls | Will Hutton
ritain's stubborn attachment to non-Tory values infuriates and worries Conservative politicians to equal degree.
Can Boris Johnson's new faces help him deliver on old promises?
or ministers who trooped into Downing Street on Wednesday it was hardly the warmest of welcomes.
Chief of Staff by Gavin Barwell review - Theresa May's one true blue
n the final weeks of her tortured premiership, Theresa May hosted a lunch in Portsmouth to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings. The leaders present included Donald Trump and Angela Merkel.
Foreigners taking our jobs? Not much chance of that now
n the eve of reshuffling his Alexander's Ragtime Band of cabinet ministers, the prime minister let it be known that he intended to fight the next election "around Brexit".
The Observer view on Anglo-French relations | Observer editorial
France's extraordinary decision to recall its ambassadors to the US and Australia reflects deep anger over its exclusion from the secretly negotiated Aukus defence pact and the cancellation by Canberra of a £48bn submarine-building contract.
Nadine Dorries: Best-selling author, nurse, reality star and, now, cabinet minister
Growing up in a council house in that city, and enduring a sometimes hungry childhood, the Conservative MP might once have felt life's riches were beyond her reach.
Boris Johnson accused of neglecting national security as he prepares to skip meetings
The Covid-19 and Afghanistan emergencies have exposed ways in which Boris Johnson is neglecting national security, a highly critical report warns today.
Only a Lib Dem surge can oust Boris Johnson from No 10, Ed Davey to say
Only a Liberal Democrat surge in Conservative heartlands can remove Boris Johnson from Downing Street, Ed Davey will tell the party's conference.
Baptism of fire as Liz Truss heads to US amid submarine row
Liz Truss is heading for a furious diplomatic confrontation with France on her first trip abroad as foreign secretary, as anger mounts in Paris over the cancellation of a £48bn nuclear submarine contract.