Analysis | Amazon's Legal Tangles in India Are a Cautionary Tale
What should be an ordinary commercial dispute between Amazon.com Inc. and the founders of a near-bankrupt retailer is shining a harsh light on the quality of legal and regulatory protection investors actually receive in India.
Analysis | Bank of America and Morgan Stanley Buck the Cost Trend
Higher interest rates might be good for bank profits, but inflation has still been a shock for bank investors in recent days.
Greece receives six French fighter jets as part of 11.5bn military overhaul
Greece showcased its newly acquired defence capabilities on Tuesday as six Rafale fighter jets, recently arrived from France, flew over the Acropolis.
Analysis | Americans Aren't Bothered About Grocery Inflation - Yet
It's official: Americans are paying up for their favorite goods.
December saw the biggest 12-month gain in inflation since 1982.
Predictions 2022: The Investment and Public Markets
The year 2020 saw the market roller-coaster as the pandemic hit and uncertainty crept in.
Microsoft's Acquisition Spree Continues; The "Power" In Pricing Power
The price tag makes it a blockbuster, but the deal is also exciting because of Microsoft's push into gaming - it already owns Xbox and games like Halo - as a pillar of its content and advertising strategy.
Analysis | This Potemkin Property Tax Isn't Going Anywhere
The welter of economic data released by China on Monday should put paid to any lingering notions that the government's plans for a nationwide property tax are going anywhere quickly.
Regulators aim to rewrite rules for big mergers.
WASHINGTON - Top federal antitrust officials on Tuesday announced a review of how they approve mergers and acquisitions, in a broad effort to strengthen enforcement and clamp down on a surge of corporate consolidation, particularly in high tech.
The DOJ And FTC's New Antitrust Heads Plan To Overhaul M&A Review (Someday)
Don't hold your breath, though
The two agencies are opening a 60-day public comment period for individuals, companies and organizations to submit concerns about M&A and antitrust regulation.