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Los Angeles

Dozens of protesters gather for anti-vaccine rally in front of L.A. City Hall, no problems reported
Dozens of anti-vaccination protesters gathered for a rally Saturday in front of Los Angeles City Hall, but unlike previous gatherings no counter-demonstrators turned out and things remained mostly peaceful.
The Central Valley gives California a recall rarity: a squeaker of a race
Nearly everywhere you look in California, the special election to kick Gavin Newsom out of the governor's mansion was one blowout after another.
COVID-19 vaccination rates lag in younger Black and Latino residents in L.A. County
COVID-19 vaccinations are lagging the most in younger Black and Latino residents of Los Angeles County.
Earthquake shakes Los Angeles
A minor earthquake shook the City of Angels on Friday night, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
LAPD officers need COVID vaccine or negative coronavirus test to work overtime at big events
Los Angeles police officers will be barred from working overtime at major events or off-duty security at venues like Dodgers Stadium or Staples Center unless they get vaccinated against the coronavirus or, if a venue allows it, secure a negative test, LAPD leaders announced Friday.
Critically ill COVID-19 patients waiting days for ICU beds in Central California
Some hospitals in Central California are still so overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients that some critically ill people are waiting days to be transferred into the intensive care unit from the emergency room, officials said.
A wave of armed robberies along Melrose Avenue highlights bigger problem
The first to get robbed Tuesday on the busy Melrose strip was Zero's, a trendy sneaker store.
This feminist witch introduced California to Goddess worship
In a small stucco house in a retirement community near Santa Cruz, an 81-year-old witch is writing a television series.
She calls it "Baba Boogie and the Berkeley Broads."
Column: L.A.'s first responders are suing for the right to put themselves and public at risk
If you needed any more evidence that cultural and political chaos reigns, or that scientific scholarship is neither valued nor trusted, I bring your attention to lawsuits filed on behalf of thousands of Los Angeles police officers and firefighters who refuse to get vaccinated.