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Bitcoin ETF Launch Hype Fades as Funds Slip in Value, BTC Futures Open Interest Down 38% in 2 Months - Finance Bitcoin News
A large portion of the cryptocurrency community was very hyped up for years about the launch of the first bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), as a number of bitcoin ETF applications were denied prior to 2021. 1
The highest number of bitcoin futures open interest was on November 11, 2021, with over $28 billion. 1
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My first impressions of web3
web3 is a somewhat ambiguous term, which makes it difficult to rigorously evaluate what the ambitions for web3 should be, but the general thesis seems to be that web1 was decentralized, web2 centralized everything into platforms, and that web3 will decentralize everything again. 1web3 should give us the richness of web2, but decentralized. 1
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Robinhood Begins Rolling Out Crypto Wallets to Select Customers - Wallets Bitcoin News
Robinhood Lets 1,000 Customers Test Its Crypto Wallets
Popular trading platform Robinhood announced Thursday that its "crypto wallets beta program" is now live. The announcement details:
NYC Mayor Eric Adams Converts First Paycheck to Bitcoin and Ether via Coinbase - Bitcoin News
Mayor of New York City Takes Paycheck in Cryptocurrency With the Help of Coinbase
New York City Mayor Eric Adams has made good on his promise about getting paid in bitcoin.
What Is Bitcoin Backed By?
People often say: "bitcoin can't be money, it isn't backed by anything." This is an old way of thinking that originated with paper money.
Indonesian Religious Organization Issues Decree Forbidding Use of Crypto by Country's Muslim Population - Regulation Bitcoin News
Cryptocurrencies Thought to Be Too Volatile
Bitcoin Is Down Really, Really Bad
London Bridge
Bitcoin continues to tumble down, down, down.
Eric Adams converting first paycheck to crypto as bitcoin value plunges
Mayor Eric Adams' grand experiment with converting his paycheck to cryptocurrency began Friday - just in time for the latest plunge in value for bitcoin and other leading tokens.
On The Ground In El Salvador With Samson Mow And The Volcano Bitcoin Bond
South America is alive and well today with the sound of new bitcoin initiatives: Rio de Janeiro taking taxes in bitcoin, Paraguay introducing new enabling legislation, Strike launching in Argentina, and El Salvador pioneering with bitcoin as its legal tender.
Robinhood Starts To Allow Bitcoin Withdrawals
Some users can now withdraw their bitcoin from Robinhood. The feature is rolling out in phases to those on the waitlist. Robinhood said it expects to roll out the feature to 10,000 customers by March.