Rare Apple prototype scrapped by Steve Jobs to be auctioned
The long-lost Apple VideoPad 2 prototype is going up for auction in November as part of a History of Science and Technology auction by Bonhams, an international auction house, in Los Angeles.
Python 3.10 Translation Sprint
Python 3.10 just got released! The official documentation of this incredible version is 52% translated to French. This is a very good start, but we want to do better.
'Get back a little headspace': tips and tools to improve your work-life balance
Let's face it, when it comes to online meetings we've all done it - turned off the video camera to go and feed the cat, accept a parcel delivery or water the houseplants, and then turned the camera back on and nodded sagely.
'Billions' Recap, Season 5, Episode 10: You Can't Make an Omelet ...
Eggs will be broken. The question amid all this conniving, though, is whose?
Chuck Rhoades is cooking eggs.
That's the scene.
Who Should Cover the WFH Costs?
For the last 33 years, I have worked from home as a consultant, and obviously, I covered all my WFH-associated expenses.
Video Window Remote aims to help remote workers feel connected to the office
As many companies shift to a hybrid approach to work where some folks are working in the office and some at home, it's easy for the home-based workers to feel a disconnect, even with video conferencing tools like Zoom.
Why Facebook's efforts to compete with Apple Watch and Fitbit are doomed
Facebook probably isn't the platform you'd expect to share your resting heart rate or calories consumed with-but Mark Zuckerberg is looking to change that.
MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Which Apple laptop is right for you?
MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air - which one to go for? If you're reading this article, we'll assume that you're not sure which will best suit your needs for creative work.
How good is doing work like no one is watching?
Social psychologists have known for decades that people are most motivated to work hard when others are watching. For one thing, they want to impress others with their performance, so try harder.