'It's bonkers': Traders and shoppers split over plan to revive imperial measurements
Shoppers and traders are divided following the government's proposals to allow the return of imperial measurements.
Keep left: plan to direct Adelaide pedestrians to stay in their lane sparks unexpected culture war
All Anne Moran wants is a civilised city where people politely stick to the left on the footpath.
New Zealand extends Australia travel bubble pause as Covid cases drop to 11
New Zealand will delay the reopening of its trans-Tasman travel bubble, as case numbers in Australia rise and numbers in New Zealand continue to drop.
A Vibrant BLT Salad That Makes the Most of Summer Tomatoes
I love the radical simplicity of a BLT, the way it's never extra, and how each of its parts is integral to the balance of the whole.
Use Case: Classifying Fruit
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The handling of perishable foods like fruits and vegetables in a supply chain can involve many processes like sorting, weighing, and identifying expired produce.
Victoria Covid restrictions: latest update to Melbourne lockdown, curfew and regional Vic coronavirus rules explained
The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, has announced an end to lockdown in regional Victoria from 11.59pm Thursday, with the exception of greater Shepparton.
Quarter of consumers 'have started Christmas shopping' amid supply chain issues
More than a quarter of UK consumers have already started their Christmas shopping and 45% plan to avoid major online retailers this year as the pandemic and supply chain issues affect shopping behaviour, a survey suggests.
The Combination of Brexit and Covid-19 May Have Changed Supermarkets Forever
The outgoing head of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), which represents U.K. food and drink manufacturers, says that the supermarket experience as Britain knew it is gone forever because of Brexit and Covid-19.
Delaying Brexit border checks on food won't prevent shortages, UK firms warn
British business leaders have urged the government not to delay the next phase of Brexit border checks on imports from the EU on food products, amid mounting pressure on supermarket supplies in the run-up to Christmas.
China moves to contain fresh Covid outbreak in south-east Fujian province
China is pushing to contain a coronavirus outbreak in the south-eastern Fujian province with measures including mass testing, suspended transport services and closures of bars and cinemas.