California recall vote show Trump's big lie is now Republican playbook
It was a pre-emptive strike against truth by some of the biggest names on the American right wing.
Former president Donald Trump warned that the ballot would be "rigged".
The Central Valley gives California a recall rarity: a squeaker of a race
Nearly everywhere you look in California, the special election to kick Gavin Newsom out of the governor's mansion was one blowout after another.
Texas Lawmakers, After a Rightward Shift, Plan for More of the Same
The state recently completed one of its most conservative legislative sessions, widening a divide among many residents.
Good Morning, News: Schools Struggle with COVID Quarantines, Metro's Stacey Stepping Down, and Extremists Want a January 6 Repeat
The Mercury provides news and fun every single day-but your help is essential.
Arnold Schwarzenegger says voters were right to retain Newsom, calls GOP field 'disastrous'
Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became California's governor in 2003 after a recall, said he was relieved that Gavin Newsom kept his job.
Bernie Sanders Blasts Conservative Democrats for Siding With Big Pharma
Yesterday afternoon, a trio of conservative Democrats joined every Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, blowing a $600 billion hole in President Biden's plans to reform Medicare and prescription drug purchasing by way of the Build Back Better Act.
Analysis | Democrats Should Heed Mitch McConnell's Advice
If Democrats want to be known as the party of fiscal responsibility - and that seems to be their aspiration, even if the reality doesn't always match up - then they should take the advice of one of their oldest and most powerful antagonists: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.