Former Facebook auditor says whistleblower's claims have 'revived' civil rights concerns
A civil rights expert who delivered a scathing indictment of Facebook's record last year called whistleblower Frances Haugen's allegations about the tech giant "deeply disturbing" and said they have "revived" concerns about how it addresses hate speech and other harms.
Using Singular Value Decomposition to Build a Recommender System - Machine Learning Mastery
Last Updated on October 27, 2021
Singular value decomposition is a very popular linear algebra technique to break down a matrix into the product of a few smaller matrices.
Frank Mullane: how the murder of his sister and nephew changed his life and purpose
he first time Frank Mullane's sister Julia confided that her marriage was unhappy, that her husband of 23 years was controlling and abusive, and that she intended to ask for a divorce, Mullane responded in what he now calls "a John Wayne kind of way".
India's top court asks: Did gov't use Pegasus spyware to snoop?
The court said the possible violation of citizens' right to privacy and free speech compelled it to seek out the truth.
Crown Resorts: can a 'special manager' clean up Melbourne's casino?
A royal commission proposal to install a special manager to make sure Crown Resorts' Melbourne casino cleans up its act after years of misconduct will be difficult to implement, experts say.
Surgery patients monitored virtually do better than those seeing doctors in person, Canadian study indicates | CBC News
Patients who underwent non-elective surgery and used technology for remote monitoring had better outcomes a month after their release from hospital compared to people who were asked to go see their doctors for followup concerns, a new Canadian study has found.
Jimmy Kimmel Misses the Old Facebook
Kimmel reminisced about the days when the social media app was "just a safe place to lose your house in a pyramid scheme."
What's the beef with cows and the climate crisis?
About a third of human-caused methane emissions come from livestock, mostly from beef and dairy cattle, produced in the digestive process that allows ruminants (hoofed animals including cows, sheep and goats with four-part stomachs) to absorb plants.
Here's what happens next if an F.D.A. panel recommends pediatric Covid shots.
An independent committee of experts advising the Food and Drug Administration is meeting on Tuesday for discussion whether to recommend authorizing the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old, which could open the way to inoculating 28 million children in the United States.