32 Years After Civil War, Mundane Moments Trigger Awful Memories
For this New York Times correspondent and other children of Beirut in the 1980s, traumatic reminders of the war are still there in everyday activities.
Malden firefighters battle 3-alarm fire in freezing temperatures
Malden firefighters battled a three-alarm fire amidst freezing temperatures Monday evening, according to a tweet from Malden police.
Traffic Alert.......
AWS power failure killed some hardware and instances
A small group of sysadmins have a disaster recovery job on their hands, on top of Log4J fun, thanks to a power outage at Amazon Web Services' USE1-AZ4 Availability Zone in the US-EAST-1 Region.
Amazon Web Services experiences another big outage
Amazon's massive cloud computing operation suffered a brief outage Wednesday, marking at least the third time this month that a large number of websites and services used to perform everyday tasks seized upin tandem.
Turning the Lights On
Honor her for all her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.
- Proverbs 31:31 NIV
When my momma finally comes home, she sinks into the couch and kicks up the footrest.
Nielsen Fires Off Duel Lawsuits Against Panel Measurement Startups TVision And HyphaMetrics | AdExchanger
But big companies can take a few kicks, and still throw a few punches of their own.
Nielsen is suing TVision and HyphaMetrics, two panel-based TV measurement startups, for alleged patent infringement.
Al Baum (Posthumously) and Mollie Stone's Markets to Be Honored on National Philanthropy Day - San Francisco Bay Times
National Philanthropy Day, November 18, was established to recognize and pay tribute to the meaningful contributions that philanthropy-and those active in our own philanthropic community-make to our lives, communities, and world.
Architect slams UC Santa Barbara mega-dorm as 'social, psychological experiment,' quits in protest
A longtime consulting architect at UC Santa Barbara has quit in protest over a massive proposed dormitory he slammed as a "social and psychological experiment."
How to prepare your home for freezing temperatures and power outages
Austin Water is urging residents to prepare for severe weather after Winter Storm Uri earlier this year.