German police probe balloon that caused mass blackout
German police are investigating the source of a balloon that caused a massive blackout in and around the eastern city of Dresden
After this desert city faced dry taps, California rushed through emergency water funding
For months, the city of Needles has endured not just scorching hot weather but the possibility that its single water well could fail, a potentially life-threatening risk for this Mojave desert community of 5,000 residents.
'I feel abandoned': New Orleanians swelter through days without power
As the sun began to set on his third day without power, Kevin Johnson took a pause from the hard labour, sweat dripping from his face in the relentless humidity.
New BIOS updates will make Windows 11 support less annoying on custom-built PCs
If you're using a pre-built desktop or laptop PC made within the last three or four years, Windows 11's sometimes-confusing, sometimes contentious security-oriented new system requirements won't be a problem for you-all of the security features Microsoft is requiring for the new operating system should be turned on by default.
Power outages reported across the Austin area amid heavy rain
AUSTIN, Texas - As heavy rain moves through the Austin area, residents in Hays County are dealing with power outages Monday morning.
How to clean your refrigerator and keep it that way
The refrigerator is one of the most high-trafficked spots in the kitchen. We open and close it all day, putting food in and taking it out. Still, it can be easy to overlook when it comes to cleaning.
2 COVID patients dead after power outage at Jordan hospital
AMMAN, Jordan - Two coronavirus patients died at a hospital in the Jordanian capital of Amman on Sunday after a short circuit knocked out power at the facility's intensive care unit, the country's health minister said.
Cryptid - Animatronic light sculpture by Michael Candy
Created by Michael Candy, 'Cryptid' is an animatronic light sculpture that uses 18 linear actuators to walk through a space.
Firefighters achieve mixed success in containing Northern California fires
As hot weather continued to bake the state Monday, multiple fires in Northern California increased in size and threatened communities, with the worst two being the Dixie and Tamarack fires.
Germany: Severe Weather Causes Floodings, Power Outages, Road Closures
Berlin, July 15th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) - In Märkischer Kreis, a county in North Rhine-Westphalia, the situation was dangerous when heavy rainfall turned streets into rivers.