Oakland boycott: Students hold protest on Zoom, say all their COVID safety demands haven't been met
Oakland students held a virtual protest over Zoom Friday and are refusing to come back to school until the district meets all of their demands for COVID safety - something the district said it's already completed or is in the process of completing.
Editor's Picks: 8 Spots for DC Winter Restaurant Week Brunch
Restaurant Week brunch is often the best deal of all-a $25 three-course meal without the weekday rush.
Margaux Donati for this new dim sum-and-drink parlor in Mt. Vernon Triangle.
Where to Crack Open a Dungeness Crab in Portland
Restaurants that feature this north Pacific delicacy, from Benedicts to nigiri to whole crabs
Naming the Brand Challenge
One thing I have noticed in discussion threads on Hogs Haven is how we all express our Washington Football fandom differently.
The Gay Gourmet's Top 22 for 2022 List - San Francisco Bay Times
By David Landis-
2021 was a zinger, especially for the restaurant community, so let's hope 2022 is better.
Chikara Ono's East Bay restaurants are coming back to life
Back in March 2021, I wrote about how four restaurants owned by one of the East Bay's most prolific Japanese cuisine restaurateurs had shut their doors.
Pioneering Oakland chef Tanya Holland closes Brown Sugar Kitchen
The Bay Area's celebrity soul food chef, Tanya Holland, has closed her signature Oakland restaurant, Brown Sugar Kitchen, for good.
Family Dining An Unexpected Casualty of COVID-19
December is often a busy time of year for bars and restaurants. But the omicron variant, the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, scuttled those hopes in 2021. Holiday parties were cancelled.
Acclaimed Pitmaster Matt Horn Opens Kowbird, Raining Hot Chicken Sandwiches in West Oakland
Nearly two full years since news first broke of acclaimed pitmaster Matt Horn's plans to roll out a second restaurant, the West Oakland chef is finally on the precipice of pulling it off - ongoing pandemic be damned.
Saratoga Village to keep its outdoor parklets through 2022
The temporary outdoor dining structures in Saratoga Village are sticking around for another year.