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Yaz We (Maybe?) Can: Mike Yastrzemski Season Review
Sometimes, writers have to disclose paid sponsorships, or secret affinities for hometown players.
Alex Wood season review
It's time for the penultimate episode of our 54-part series reviewing the 2021 San Francisco Giants. For today's episode, we pay left-handed pitcher Alex Wood a visit.
2021 review
Weekend BP: Who's your offseason white whale?
On Friday, the artist formerly known as Created the job that I now have, also known as Grant Brisbee (I don't think I got that right, but I'm sure Gart Frisbee will forgive me), penned an article at The Athletic advocating for the San Francisco Giants to sign Zack Greinke.
The confusing case of Matt Wisler and the Giants
We're very close to finishing our reviews of every player who took the field for the 2021 San Francisco Giants. Who knew there were so many players with a "W" surname?
Giants Rumored to Sign Top International Talent
Many of the most exciting young players in the game no longer solely hail from the United States, but from countries all over the world.
Community Prospect List No. 16
We've ranked 15 San Francisco Giants prospects so far in the 2022 Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List, and we just came across our fourth member of the 2020 draft class, as well as our second relief pitcher.
And here he is
We're well into the Ws in our San Francisco Giants season reviews, which brings us to one of the best stories in a year full of them: right-handed starting pitcher Logan Webb.
2021 review
MLB News: MLB drug testing continues, despite ongoing lockout
Good morning, baseball fans!
And boy, do I have some infuriating content for you this morning.
Under the Radar
It was a little unexpected when the news broke that the San Francisco Giants traded for aging reliever Tony Watson at the deadline in July.
Community Prospect List No. 15
The 14th chapter of the 2022 Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List belongs to one of the brightest stars of the 2021 Minor League season for the San Francisco Giants.