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A tale of Syrian migrants in the Polish forest
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Biden sees if a snub will get Orban's attention
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The United States is trying to isolate Viktor Orbán. But Hungary's prime minister might be too rogue to care.
Boris Johnson's credibility questioned as he tightens coronavirus restrictions
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French Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo seeks primary to unite left in major campaign upset
PARIS - The Socialist Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said Wednesday she was willing to participate in a primary between left-wing presidential candidates, a double-or-nothing gamble as her current presidential bid has failed to take off.
Denmark tightens up as Omicron spreads 'extremely fast'
Danish authorities are keeping close tabs on the spread of the new omicron coronavirus variant - and they don't like what they see.
Dyson says it will appeal after 150m damages claim rejected by EU court
Dyson, the vacuum cleaner firm, has said it will appeal against a ruling by an EU court that it is not entitled to £150m in damages over flawed energy efficiency regulation.
Mario Draghi
Italians aren't used to seeing their prime ministers stick around for long, but many are hoping Mario Draghi proves to be the exception.
Olaf Scholz
Olaf Scholz is ready to take on Europe's most powerful job, as he moves in to the chancellery in Berlin as Angela Merkel's replacement.
Donald Tusk
To hear Donald Tusk tell it, he's gone back to Warsaw with a mission : to save the European Union.
Anne Hidalgo
Anne Hidalgo is offering the world a glimpse of the post-car city . Since her election as mayor of Paris in 2014, she has pushed to make the City of Lights more livable.