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Greens and far-right AfD excluded from election ticket in two German states
Disqualification, albeit only at the regional level, is also embarrassing for both parties. 1
In Saarland, the expulsion of the Greens followed an internal fight over the nomination of the regional lead candidate. 1In a controversial last-minute move, the party switched its lead candidate from Hubert Ulrich to Jeanne Dillschneider. 1
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German Greens must sit out vote in one state during national election
Germany's Green party will be excluded from the ballot in the state of Saarland during September's national election, the country's federal election committee decided Thursday, citing irregularities in how the party ranked its candidates.
UK backed plan to charge non-EU travellers to enter Europe
The British government was one of the "biggest supporters" of EU plans to require non-EU nationals to obtain authorisation and pay a fee to enter the bloc's passport-free travel zone, the Guardian has learned.
US set to require foreign travelers to be fully vaccinated
The U.S. is reportedly working on a plan that will allow foreign travelers to enter the country only if they are fully vaccinated.
UK musicians to be able to tour visa-free in 19 EU countries
UK musicians and performers will be able to tour in a number of European countries without the need for a visa or work permit, the government has announced.
Businesses face 'horrible' abuse amid UK's coronavirus vaccine checks dilemma
LONDON - Hospitality is back in business post-lockdown - but staff face the prospect of abuse as they grapple with "confused" government guidance on checking customers' coronavirus status.
Romanians look to church for deliverance from fourth virus wave
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Biden's Brussels pick isn't just one of the president's men
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All U.S. ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the president.
German SPD bets big on Scholz in election campaign
After more than three years leading Germany's finance ministry, Olaf Scholz is now viewed by his party as its best asset going into September's national election.
Irish Catholic bishops reject pandemic ban on sacraments
DUBLIN - Roman Catholic leaders are rebelling against the Irish government's ban on First Communion and Confirmation ceremonies, a pandemic policy that some parish priests say is still needed to stop the church from becoming a super-spreader.