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Artificial intelligence

Sentiment classification
  • General classification
  • Sort through documentation
  • Analyze narrative text
  • Rank how close something matches a target
  • Identify story structure
  • Identify similar writing patterns
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    That means learning new concepts, such as machine learning, deep learning and computer vision, as well as mastering the frameworks and underlying techniques that bring these advanced applications to life. 1
    The overarching idea effective altruism, the very easy to defend one that doesn't get into specifics, is with whatever money, time, resources, whatever you're willing to spend altruistically, you should try to do the most good you can with it, rather than... And you should think about that. 1
    Grimes has partnered with Endel-an algorithm-based mood music startup-for a collaborative new project called "AI Lullaby." 1Featuring original music and vocals from Grimes, it's available on the Endel iOS app until December 23. 1
    According to Endel, the project was inspired by Grimes' experience as a new mother. 1
    Using big data and intelligent machine learning, AI can help B2B marketers make more informed decisions and put their money into the right places. 1
    This is why numerous B2B businesses have adopted chatbots as their primary communication channel. 1
    Smart virtual assistants are another great AI innovation that can be effectively leveraged for marketing. 1
    SAP and Oracle are also big players in the CRM space, with Adobe and Microsoft following the pack with conventionally only a fraction of the market share. 1
    ", Microsoft, and Adobe bring together the perfect combination of technology, industry, and domain expertise to address the requirements for a new generation of CRM," said CEO Ed Abbo. 1
    S imple, a lot of these models are considered to be "black boxes" (you've probably already come across this term), which means that there is no way to explain the outcome of a certain algorithm, at least in terms that we are able to understand. 2
    This image represents the ways the inner layers of a neural network function works. 2
    The image size is 32x32 and the dataset has 50,000 training images and 10,000 test images. 1One can find the CIFAR-10 dataset here. 1
    Planetary scientests from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed the machine learning tool to save researchers time, training the AI with 6,830 images of the Red Planet. 1
    It has already found a crater that was formed between March 2010 and May 2012. 1
    This new artificial intelligence, once it was trained, was set to analyse the full library of 112,000 images taken by the Context Camera. 1
    "Remote work, new digital muscles, and pandemic constraints will create millions of pragmatic automations in 2021; document extraction, RPA (robotic process automation) from anywhere, drones, and various employee robots will proliferate; and, as expected, the mad dash to automate will bring trouble." 1