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Artificial intelligence
Turn anyone into a Pokemon with this AI art model
A fun little AI art widget named Text-to-Pokémon lets you plug in any name or description you like and (you guessed it) generate a Pokémon matching your prompt.This is the big benefit of releasing open source AI models like Stable Diffusion: people come up with fun little tools like this.Notably, this particular model, Text-to-Pokémon, is adapted from a much bigger and much more powerful AI art generator named Stable Diffusion.While rival programs like DALL-E and Midjourney are locked down, Stable Diffusion is open source, making it easy for others to fiddle with its output.
Artificial intelligence
Synthetic data is the safe, low-cost alternative to real data that we need
More methods for producing synthetic data are gaining ground.Synthetic data can give smaller players the opportunity to turn the tables.Synthetic data can give smaller players the opportunity to turn the tables.Lately, more methods for producing synthetic data have been gaining ground.Third, it can protect privacy and copyright, as the data is, well, synthetic.Also, what if there's simply not enough data available to train an AI on all eventualities?Gartner has famously estimated that 60% of training data will be synthetic data by 2024.
Artificial intelligence
A new 'common sense' test for AI could lead to smarter machines
Common sense includes not only social abilities and reasoning but also a "naive sense of physics" - this means that we know certain things about physics without having to work through physics equations, like why you shouldn't put a bowling ball on a slanted surface.This means it can actually give a sense of social awareness and could interact with humans in real-world settings.Common sense includes not only social abilities and reasoning but also a "naive sense of physics."Computer scientists are making (slow) but steady progress toward building AI agents that can infer mental states, predict future actions, and work with humans.
Artificial intelligence
AI won't take coders' jobs. Humans still rule for now
Whisper was trained on a whopping 680,000 hours of audio data scraped from the web.The model splits input data into 30-second chunks to feed into an encoder."I would like to have a way for anyone to ask to have their image removed from the data set without sacrificing personal information.Lapine said the surgeon, who stored the medical photos, died in 2018, and somehow the data was obtained, shared online, and downloaded.You can read more about the model here [PDF] and access the code here.
Artificial intelligence
James Earl Jones abdicates Darth Vader voice role to AI technology
Jones provided his singular, sinister take on Darth Vader for a number of Star Wars spin-offs throughout the years, but his last contribution came in 2019's The Rise of Skywalker.James Earl Jones has apparently relinquished the role of lead antagonist Darth Vader to AI voice technology.In a report by Vanity Fair about the Ukrainian start-up Respeecher, it was revealed that the process of transitioning the vocal responsibilities from Jones to the company's proprietary AI algorithm has been ongoing since the Sith Lord's revival in the 2022 Star Wars prequel series, Obi-Wan Kenobi.