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Artificial intelligence

Twitter launches bug bounty contest to detect algorithmic bias | Engadget
Back in April, Twitter said it would study potential "unintentional harms" created by its algorithms, beginning with its image-cropping one. 1
Some users criticized how Twitter handled automated cropping, claiming that the algorithm tends to focus on lighter-skinned people in photos. 1
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Now in 3D: Deep learning techniques help visualize X-ray data in three dimensions
The research team, which includes scientists from three Argonne divisions, has developed a new computational framework called 3D-CDI-NN, and has shown that it can create 3D visualizations from data collected at the APS hundreds of times faster than traditional methods can. 1
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape Our Future
Steam engines were replaced with internal-combustion engines, and coachmen became chauffeurs. 1

Higher productivity at a relatively cheaper price

It cannot be refuted that so far humans have been able to create more jobs and income opportunities for an ever-growing population despite the fact that some of the older professions have been replaced by robots and technology. 1
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John Deere Doubles Down on Silicon Valley and Robots
There's much talk about bringing more Silicon Valley-style innovation to America's heartland. But when the heartland needs tech, it still comes to Silicon Valley.
Neural network model shows why people with autism read facial expressions differently
People with autism spectrum disorder have difficulty interpreting facial expressions.
If You Don't Trust A.I. Yet, You're Not Wrong
Real technological advance in artificial intelligence (AI) depends on respect for fundamental rights, ensuring safety, and banning particularly treacherous uses.
Get a job: Sucker Punch is hiring an AI Systems Designer
The Gamasutra Job Board is the most diverse, active and established board of its kind for the video game industry!
Here is just one of the many, many positions being advertised right now.
A Python tool for Data Processing, Analysis, and ML Automation in a few lines of code
Image by Rahul Pandit from Pixabay A data science model development pipeline involves various components including data collection, data processing, Exploratory data analysis, modeling, and deployment.
Business Innovation: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Business - Social Media Explorer
Business innovation and artificial intelligence have seen such a drastic change that they are inseparable today.
Machine Learning Technologies at Tokyo 2020 Olympics
National Olympic teams are using machine learning to gain an edge in competition over their opponents at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.