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Artificial intelligence
So much opportunity with AI. But it's a very raw resource. Needs to be molded and monitored, developed over time to be effective.
3 ways to turn uncertainty into opportunity with AI
It's no secret that AI is at the forefront of every conversation about technology.
McKinsey's state of AI report for 2021 found that 56% of businesses reported AI adoption in at least one function, up from 50% in the previous year.
The hype is warranted as AI is the catalyst for the alchemy of turning uncertainty into opportunity.
The problem is, most businesses are applying AI in the wrong way.
Gartner estimates that 90% of all conversational AI applications out in the world right now are going to fail, if they haven't already.
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Privacy professionals
Uggghhhh. We need you, password managers. If you go down, we are lost.
Password app LastPass hit by cybersecurity breach but says data remains safe
Password manager LastPass has told customers that some of their information has been accessed in a cybersecurity breach, but says passwords remain safe.
In August, LastPass determined that some of its source code and technical information was taken from unauthorised access to a third-party storage service the company had been using.
At the time LastPass said the attacker had taken portions of source code and some proprietary LastPass technical information, but believed the risk to the app was limited.
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DBSNE - Government Scheme for Business Energy Bills
The new wholesale energy prices will be set at £211 per MWh of electricity and £75 per MWh for gas. Starting from the 1 st of October, businesses in the UK will be given a much-needed rest bite from the extremely high prices which they have been plagued with over the past year.
Businesses on other contracts, such as variable rates, will have a maximum discount band, the government said, to be around per MWh for electricity and £115 per MWh for gas.
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France politics
I find these happiness polls pretty interesting. I mean, that's the goal when we design a society, right? Who knew that it was all about access to fresh bread?
La Belle Vie: French joy, boulangeries and those notorious false friends'
The annual French mood survey has been released, and this year it continued to dispel stereotypes that the French are a grumpy bunch.
The 2021 results for the survey, which was produced by the Elabe Institute, found that a strong majority of French people are happy and about a third of respondents even said they were very happy.
While there were some differences amongst French people, overall the results showed that the population remained content, even amid rising fears about global phenomenons like the climate crisis.
Readers reveal: What makes the quality of life in France so high My theory of why many French people are happy has a lot to do with boulangeries being so accessible, and it's not just because of easy access to warm, fresh bread.
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LA Dodgers
Yes .... come to SF, Judge my boy!
Dodgers Rumors: Aaron Judge Reportedly Already Rejected Offer From LA
The way to get there would have to be another massive 10+ year contract, and reports believe that the Dodgers offered Judge around $214 million.
This opens the door for Judge to meet with the Giants while also giving the Yankees a number to work with.
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Lol like literally with fruit. Love it!
Media industry
Signal Cleveland launches with hopes of being a standard bearer for nonprofit news - Poynter
Signal Cleveland, with $7.5 million in startup funding and carefully cultivated community engagement, launched today Tuesday with big goals. If all goes well, it will expand throughout Ohio within a few years and help map a way for other nonprofits to get news to the underserved.
For now, the program is more modest. Editor-in-chief Lila Mills told me she had been convinced to begin with a "minimum viable product," - a web site and a newsletter with 15 professionals on staff and three freelancers, supplemented by a corps of citizen journalists.
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Strike at UC Davis and other campuses shutters classes as thousands of academic workers walk
Kouba, along with tens of thousands of UC academic workers across the system's 10 campuses, walked off the job Monday morning, three weeks before final exams, after contract negotiations with the University of California failed to reach an agreement by the union's Nov. 14 strike deadline.
The 48,000 workers, represented by four different units of the United Auto Workers, include graduate student teaching assistants, researchers and tutors, as well as postdoctoral and professional researchers. They're calling for higher payto reflect escalating living costs, transit passes to cover their commutes, and child care reimbursement, to assist families, among other items.
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Data science
Super interesting technical exploration here.
How LinkedIn Uses Machine Learning To Rank Your Feed - KDnuggets
In this article, we will cover how LinkedIn uses machine learning to feed the user's rank.
Designing a personalized LinkedIn feed to maximize the long-term engagement of the user. Since the LinkedIn feed should provide beneficial professional content for each user to increase his long-term engagement. Therefore it is important to develop models that eliminate low-quality content and leave only high-quality professional content.
We can measure user engagement by measuring the click probability or known as the ClickThroughRate (CTR).
Scalability: One of the main technical challenges is the scalability of the system.
Therefore we have around 120 billion observations or samples.
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Privacy professionals
Why we trust but verify, always, in the privacy field.
40 states settle Google location-tracking charges for $392M
Google has agreed to a $391.5 million settlement with 40 states in connection with an investigation into how the company tracked users' locations.
The states' investigation was sparked by a 2018 Associated Press story, which found that Google continued to track people's location data even after they opted out of such tracking by disabling a feature the company called "location history."
The AP reported that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store users' location data even if they've used a privacy setting that says it will prevent Google from doing so.
The AP reported in 2018 that the privacy issue with location tracking affected some 2 billion users of devices that run Google's Android operating software and hundreds of millions of worldwide iPhone users who rely on Google for maps or search.
Google, which is part of Mountain View, California-based Alphabet Inc., uses the location information to target consumers with ads by its customers, the state officials said.
The attorneys general said Google misled users about its location tracking practices since at least 2014, violating state consumer protection laws.
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