How Big of a Mistake Did Biden Just Make on Ukraine?
Did President Biden just tell Russian President Vladimir Putin that it might be OK to launch a "minor incursion" into Ukraine?
Biden Predicts Putin Will Order Ukraine Invasion, but 'Will Regret Having Done It'
Mr. Biden's comments went well beyond the formal intelligence assessments described by White House officials, which conclude that Russia's president has not yet decided whether to invade.
Biden says he expects Russia will invade Ukraine.
Jan. 19, 2022, 4:32 p.m. ET
Rainbow Six Extraction Review - A Strange Encounter
Rainbow Six Extraction is a spin-off of Ubisoft's flagship competitive multiplayer hit, Rainbow Six Siege, set in an alien-infested depiction of the United States.
Prior COVID Infection More Protective Than Vaccination During Delta Surge -U.S. Study - Towleroad Gay News
By Julie Steenhuysen and Manas Mishra
Microsoft is bigger than Google, Amazon and Facebook. But now lawmakers treat it like an ally in antitrust battles.
When Google announced in 2019 that it would acquire Fitbit for $2 billion, lawmakers didn't hide their frustration.
Why Are Men More Likely to Die of Covid? It's Complicated.
Sex differences in Covid death rates vary widely from state to state, suggesting they are rooted in behavior as well as biology.
In Rebuke to Trump, Supreme Court Won't Block Release of Jan. 6 Files
The case was a constitutional clash on the scope of executive privilege and whether a former president may invoke it when the current one has waived it.
No, you don't have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to donate blood
People who are vaccinated and unvaccinated are encouraged to donate blood, as long as they feel healthy and are symptom-free at the time of donation.