Why Marvel's Midnight Suns Is For XCOM Fans
Developer Firaxis Games has created a name for itself in the video game industry by fostering brilliant tactical experiences in the XCOM games.
Park Slope Hospital Worker Joins Lawsuit Against Vaccine Mandate
PARK SLOPE, BROOKLYN - A Park Slope hospital employee is among a group of healthcare workers suing Gov. Kathy Hochul for New York's vaccine mandate, court records show.
Bully Prevention Could Start With Your Kid's Favorite Superhero
Everyone knows that pop-culture stories about heroes - and superheroes - are inspiring.
Review: In 'Scenes From a Marriage,' a Couple Unhappy in the Same Way
Hagai Levi's adaptation echoes the passion of Bergman's original, but it doesn't make the case for a new version.
EDC designed to become the must-have everyday essentials that you won't be able to do without!
They say that big things come in small packages, and that certainly stands true for EDCs! EDCs may seem small in size, but they are mighty in their functionality and use!
In 'Shang-Chi,' a Muni Line Made Possible by Chinatown Community Advocacy | KQED
In the '60s and '70s, Visitacion Valley, the Richmond District, the Sunset District, the Excelsior and the Bayview all blossomed with their own Chinese communities.
'Kids now have something that I didn't': Friend beams as Simu Liu soars as Marvel's Shang-Chi | CBC News
When actor and stuntman Jason Chan was growing up with Mississauga's Simu Liu, he likely wasn't expecting to see his close friend's face plastered on a massive billboard right over Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.
Gamescom: 'Halo Infinite' release date, new Marvel game from 2K and all the biggest announcements
"Halo Infinite" is coming Dec. 8. Both its campaign and multiplayer modes will roll out simultaneously, Microsoft announced as part of a two-hour long, live-streamed showcase for Gamescom.
Saints Row, the funhouse mirror version of Grand Theft Auto, will reboot in 2022
Saints Row, the open-world brand that once competed with the Grand Theft Auto series, is getting a complete reboot scheduled to release Feb. 25, 2022.