A blizzard warning in Hawaii but no snow yet in Denver, in unusual December weather
A snow-free Denver, pictured on Friday.
The previous record for the city's latest ever first snowfall was Nov. 21, recorded in 1934.
Blizzard warning in Hawaii, record high temperatures across continental US
A blizzard warning for normally balmy Hawaii and an absence of snow in mountainous Colorado were among a series of bizarre weather forecasts and events in the US as December began.
Breast Is Best: The Grown Men Who Drink Breast Milk
On the surface, Jameson Ritenour's post- workout routine seems pretty standard. He mixes protein powder and supplements with milk, downs it, and goes about his day.
Burnt Turkeys & Family Memories: 23 Funny Holiday Disaster Stories
Holidays, of course, serve more purposes than just gluttony and presents. They establish rituals, reaffirm relationships, and help us develop senses of cultural and personal identity.
The 'Carolina Squat' is now illegal on North Carolina's roads
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper speaks after touring the electric vehicle operations at Charlotte Area Transit Systems bus garage with Vice President Kamala Harris, on Thursday in Charlotte, N.C. Logan Cyrus/AFP via Getty Images They're certainly eye-catching, but they're also dangerous: that's the verdict on the "Carolina squat," a modification to vehicles that raises their front while keeping their rear end low to the ground.
Fentanyl in Bottle Kills Toddler, and Father Is Charged
The death of 22-month-old Charles Rosa-Velloso was just one of several opioid-related fatalities of young children this year.
LaMarr Hoyt -- Columbia resident, American League Cy Young Award winner -- dead at 66
COLUMBIA, S.C. - LaMarr Hoyt, who won the 1983 AL Cy Young Award with the Chicago White Sox, has died.
The White Sox announced his death on Wednesday.
One Composer, Four Players, 'Seven Pillars'
Andy Akiho's 11-part, 80-minute new work for percussion quartet is a lush, brooding celebration of noise.
LaMarr Hoyt, 1983 AL Cy Young winner with White Sox, dies at 66 after lengthy illness
LaMarr Hoyt, a durable right-hander who made at least 31 starts for six consecutive seasons and won the American League Cy Young award in 1983, has died at the age of 66.
Former White Sox Cy Young Award winner LaMarr Hoyt dies at 66
by: Larry Hawley
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