Unbund Debuts on Exotic Mexico Beach in Baja w/ Sabo & Goldcap, Sainte Vie (Live), YokoO & More
Unbøund Baja is an escapist festival paradise that connects people through music, wellness and cultural immersion. It arrives in San José Del Cabo from October 7-11th 2021.
Bushwick Starr Gets New $2.2 Million Home
The innovative Brooklyn performing arts space is moving three L stops away, to a former dairy plant in Bushwick - and prepping for a new chapter as a neighborhood cultural hub.
Get Inspired With Our Weekly SXSW Sessions Podcast
South By Southwest® sessions are available on the go, in the car, and all at the touch of a button with the SXSW Sessions Podcast.
At 75, the Ojai Music Festival Stays Focused on the Future
This storied California haven of contemporary classical music returned, organized by the composer John Adams.
OJAI, Calif. - Returning is a process. Rarely is it linear.
Disrupt 2021 kicks off tomorrow
Time to carbo-load, startup fans. Tomorrow we kick off the opportunity marathon that is TechCrunch Disrupt 2021, and we can't wait to see it all unfold!
Start Tackling That Big Goal You've Been Putting Off
Three strategies to (finally) make it happen. "
5 Development Rules to Improve Your Data Science Projects
Photo by Karl Pawlowicz on Unsplash When working on a data science project, I like to have a few ground rules for how I am going to write the code for my project.
AIDS Committee of Toronto holds final walk after significant cuts to services | CBC News
The AIDS Committee of Toronto held its last Walk for AIDS on Sunday, after running the fundraising event for more than 30 years.
How to Generate Professional API Docs in Minutes from Docstrings
Image source: Pixabay (Free to use) We all love good and comprehensive documentation when we use a new library (or re-use our favorite one for the millionth time), don't we?
SOLID Principals for OOP
If you learned something new feel free to connect with me on linkedin or follow me on dev.to :) I feel like this is a topic that I don't see many people talking about so much anymore, so this is my explanation of it.