You definitely don't want to play: Squid Game-themed malware is here
The stakes may not be as high as in the hit Netflix show, but you could still lose your data or identity if you fail to follow the rules for dodging the latest brand of pop-culture-themed scams.
Police abusing position for sexual gain is 'most common form of corruption'
Police officers abusing their position for sexual gain is now the most common form of serious corruption investigated, a watchdog has said.
Location Data Firm Got GPS Data From Apps Even When People Opted-Out
CYBER is Motherboard's podcast and reporting on the dark underbelly of the internet.
What Constitutes A Sale Under CCPA? Now That We know, There's No More Plausible Deniability | AdExchanger
California Attorney General Rob Bonta recently sent enforcement letters that clarify the scope of what is considered a data sale under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
Gigabyte Allegedly Hit by AvosLocker Ransomware
If AvosLocker stole Gigabyte's master keys, threat actors could force hardware to download fake drivers or BIOS updates in a supply-chain attack a la SolarWinds.
Centre for Computing History apologises for data breach
The Centre for Computing History (CCH) in Cambridge, England, has apologised for an "embarrassing" breach in its online customer datafile, though thankfully no payment card information was exposed.
Facebook plans to hire 10,000 in Europe to build 'metaverse'
Facebook said it plans to hire 10,000 workers in the European Union over the next five years to work on a new computing platform that promises to connect people virtually but could raise concerns about privacy and the social platform gaining more control in people's online lives.
Metropolitan Police handed officer personal details of woman who complained about him
The Metropolitan Police shared the full personal details of a woman who complained about a male officer's aggression when arresting a vulnerable female with that officer - including her home address.
UK Judge: Ring Security Cams Violated Neighbor's Privacy
UK Judge Melissa Clarke has ruled that a man named Jon Woodard violated the country's Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation with a Ring doorbell and security camera. 1
The BBC reports that Woodard-who lives in Oxfordshire, England-showed off the devices to his neighbor, Dr. Mary Fairhurst, after installing them during broader home renovations. 1
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Hundreds of professional footballers threaten legal action over use of data
Hundreds of professional footballers have threatened legal action against major gaming, betting and sports data companies over the allegedly unlawful use of personal information and performance statistics, which could lead to a shakeup of a multibillion-pound industry.