Cyber Attack Cripples Iranian Fuel Distribution Network
The incident triggered shutdowns at pumps across the country as attackers flashed the phone number of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei across video screens.
G.M.'s revenue and profit are hit hard by the global chip shortage.
General Motors earned $2.4 billion in net income in the three months ending in September, a big drop caused by the shortage of computer chips that has disrupted auto production around the world.
Japan Stays Tough on Cannabis as Other Nations Loosen Up
Some Japanese who have gone abroad and been exposed to the benefits of cannabis derivatives, particularly CBD, are hoping Japan will change course. But the government shows little inclination.
Almost 1m Tripadvisor reviews in 2020 found to be fraudulent
Almost 1m reviews submitted for inclusion on Tripadvisor - equivalent to 3.6% of the total - were determined to be fraudulent by the website last year.
Stubborn supply chain woes are resisting Biden's remedies
A deepening freight logjam is defying President Biden's hopes of restoring normal cargo movements, hampering the economic recovery and threatening consumers' holiday shopping plans.
The 2021 Digiday Awards Shortlist
In what is still a time of uncertainty, with some parts of the world navigating a great reopening and other parts grappling with COVID-19 variants and limited vaccine access (or adoption), the nature of consumer behavior is constantly changing.
Car2Go settles class action lawsuit over 'driver protection fee' for $1 million | CBC News
If you had a Car2Go membership before the company left North America in 2020, you could be in line for some money from a class action lawsuit that was recently settled.
CHVRCHES announce Screen Violence: Director's Cut deluxe edition
CHVRCHES have announced a deluxe edition of their most recent album Screen Violence. Dubbed by the group as the Director's Cut of the LP, it's out this Friday, October 29th.
I'm in the consortium possessing the leaked Facebook documents. Let's dissolve it.
On Monday, the consortium of news organizations tasked with combing through Frances Haugen's Facebook documents expanded its ranks to include my small, independent newsletter, Big Technology.
Admix Raises $25m Series B to Monetise the Metaverse with In-Play
Arriving just one year after Admix's Series A round, this latest raise is the largest secured by any non-intrusive games monetisation company and brings Admix's total funding to USD$37m (£26.8m).