America's mortality gap should sound a blaring alarm across the Atlantic | Kenan Malik
mericans die younger than Europeans. That is true whether they are rich or poor, black or white, toddlers or OAPs.
Analysis | Winter Is Coming and Europe Is Running Scarily Low on Gas
Europe has an energy problem, and it could get worse once winter grips the continent.
The kaiser and the paperweight: how Cecil Rhodes helped inspire the first world war
It was discovered, dusty and damaged, on a warehouse shelf.
Ministers told to bar EU from UK trial data in vaccines row
England's deputy chief medical officer asked ministers to withhold all UK clinical trial data from the EU if European countries continued to deny entry to British vaccine trial volunteers, the Observer can reveal.
U.S. Embassy Failures, COVID-19 Travel Restrictions, Keep Attorney Working on COVID-19 Technology Out of United States
"While COVID-19 constraints on U.S. Embassy resources pose one issue, another problem for Karavida has been a series of Presidential executive orders stemming back to the Trump Administration that effectively ban foreign professionals from returning home to the United States and continuing their work here."
Chiellini at 20 was like him, maybe worse - Allegri predicts long Juve future for De Ligt despite - Soccer News
Massimiliano Allegri has reminded Matthijs de Ligt's critics that even Giorgio Chiellini had his struggles as a young player and is convinced the Dutchman has a long future ahead of him at Juventus despite Mino Raiola encouraging speculation.
Wiegman gives glimpse of England's future
Sarina Wiegman described an 8-0 win in her first game in charge of England as an "OK" performance - an indication of the high standards she is going to demand from her side going forward.
As Populists Decline, the Center-Left Sees Hints of a Comeback
A long-struggling political faction has seen surprising gains this year, in part because of changes wrought by the pandemic. Can it hold on to them?
Bitcoin could generate the weight of 128,000 grand pianos in wasted electronics
One bitcoin transaction generates 272 grams of e-waste, according to new research.
Why does world's tallest populace seem to be getting shorter?
From brutal conflicts to periods of prosperity, pandemics to triumphs for equality, human history is full of highs and lows.