"Python Architecture Patterns" book announced!
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We are getting close to the end of the year, but I have great news! A new Python book is on the way, and will be released soon.
4 Ways to Get Your Code Back in Shape After Black Friday - The New Stack
If you are reading this, you've probably been in a deep code freeze that started 2-3 months ahead of Black Friday.
How to Create a Kubernetes Cluster Using Minikube
Using Kubernetes, we can handle a cluster of servers as one big logical server that runs our containers.
New Infrastructure Monitoring is now in public preview
Unified visibility for all infrastructure components
Detecting, triaging, and troubleshooting infrastructure health issues has never been more challenging for operations engineers.
Introducing the KivaKit Framework
KivaKit is a modular Java framework for developing microservices that requires a Java 11+ virtual machine but is compatible with Java 8 source code KivaKit provides base functionality for implementing applications, including command line parsing and application configuration KivaKit components are lightweight and communicate status information using a broadcaster / listener messaging system KivaKit mini-frameworks, including the conversion, validation, resource and logging mini-frameworks, consume and report status information via messaging KivaKit configures and runs Jetty, Jersey, Swagger and Apache Wicket to provide microservice interfaces in a consistent way Key KivaKit base classes are also available as stateful traits, or "mixins"
Terraform for Absolute Beginners
Terraform is an Infrastructure as a Code (IAC) tool that allows you to automate and manage your infrastructure, your platform and services that run on that platform/infrastructure.
Creating a OneNote Markdown Converter
OneNote is a great tool for creating notes, either through a desktop application or via the online Office platform.
Netlify Acquires OneGraph to Integrate GraphQL APIs
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