She Is Breaking Glass Ceilings in Space, but Facing Sexism on Earth
Sanitary pads and makeup: A Chinese astronaut's six-month stay aboard the country's space station has revealed conflicted cultural values toward gender.
Now Playing! Past is Prologue at United Nations Association Film Festival | KQED
The old-school definition of documentary-a nonfiction work of journalism or history with a social-justice mission-prevails at the United Nations Association Film Festival (opening Oct. 21 and continuing through Oct. 31).
Floating props and little sleep: Russians describe filming world's first movie in space
Their movie props floated around, sleeping was difficult and they used Velcro to keep objects in place but Russia's first film crew in space said they were delighted with the result and had "shot everything we planned".
Boeing Deepens Probe Into Astronaut Capsule Woes, Prompting More Delays
The Starliner capsule for NASA crews is now unlikely to have another orbital flight test until the middle of next year.
It's not the heat, it's the humidity that grounded Boeing's Starliner
NASA and Boeing officials said Tuesday that they have successfully removed two valves from the Starliner spacecraft and have shipped them to Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama for further analysis.
Russian film crew return to Earth after shooting the first movie in space
A Russian actor and a film director have returned to Earth after spending 12 days on the International Space Station shooting scenes for the first movie in orbit.
Chinese astronauts arrive at space station for longest mission
Three astronauts successfully docked with China's new space station, state media said, on what is set to be Beijing's longest crewed mission to date and the latest landmark in its drive to become a major space power.
Surprise Russian Thruster Firing Prompts Space Station Emergency
While the astronauts were said to not be in any danger, it was the second such incident since July.