Watch This Kid Score on James Harden Using His Trademark Move Against Him
Not since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his skyhook has an NBA player been as identified with a signature shot as James Harden is with his step-back jumper.
I'm Learning to Let My Kids Fail Now So They'll Be Successful Later
I've come to a conclusion regarding my kids: I have to love them enough to let them fail. Let me clarify. We all want the best for our kids.
The Best Acoustic Guitar For Kids, According to a Legendary Music Teacher
So, your kid wants an acoustic guitar. Or you want to gift them one. Either way, it's a big world of guitars out there, with hundreds of models to choose from. That's why we sought out Bill Swick.
Opinion | Why the Virginia Election Is Freaking Democrats Out
With just under a week to go, the governor's race in Virginia has gotten tighter than Spanx on a hippo, prompting much agita in Democratic circles.
School board approves $40 million for dilapidated Buena Vista Horace Mann
Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 will receive at least $40 million to repair its aging and decrepit facilities, following an unanimous vote by the school board on Tuesday.
'There are suspicions': Four confessions on Google's influence over programmatic media - Digiday
As ad execs digest the antitrust lawsuit against Google in the U.S. that was re-released late last week in nearly full un-redacted form, its prompted some to recall their own attempts to know just how far Google is willing to go to maintain its influence over online media dollars.
A catamaran and a plan: desperate to get home, New Zealanders set sail across the Tasman
New Zealanders stranded in Australia are sailing across the Tasman Sea aboard small boats with seasick strangers in a desperate bid to get home, saying the notoriously perilous trip is easier to navigate than the country's fraught border system.
Dwight Howard says the Lakers are not going to allow anyone or anything to separate them
As bad as the opening two performances of the season were for the Lakers on the court, it was how things were seemingly imploding off of it that drew the headlines.
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Does Facebook Inc.'s declining relevance with teenagers really pose an existential threat to the company?